Monday, February 18, 2008

Now, "It's time to bring Mary home," Anita Marshall tells WOOD-TV8, talking about daughter, Mary

Mary Denise Lands, Hope 2008-You Tube Video

Chris Pratt-Calhoun County FOIA Jail Records-06/07-01/08

Update- February 18, 2008- Several new developments are taking place in the Mary Lands case and we will advise you of details when the information may be released. Christopher Luke Pratt- MDOC Inmate-673261 just checked into his new quarters at Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility. Keep the tips and information flowing. We will bring Mary home. Nearly 100 hours of video has been reviewed and will soon be published. This is a short clip of our digging efforts in April 2006, which was just posted on YouTube. April 2006- Search for Mary- F Drive North digs

February 5, 2008- Anita Marshall felt strong and confident in her live interview with Jennifer Moss of She displayed Mary’s jewelry that was recovered in June 2007 and it was a poignant movement for all of us in the studio office. If you have not seen the YouTube video related in the jewelry it may be viewed with the link on the right side of this page.
We advised the anchors doing the story that although there appeared to be some crisis and chaos in the Marshall Police Department related to the departure of the chief and the deputy chief we are still positive Mary’s investigation is going forward. The Michigan State Police have advised us that they continue to be in the city each week and are aggressively working the investigation.
Throughout the day the family received positive response from the public on the WOODTV-8 presentations about Mary and even new leads, which will be passed along to investigators. Please continue to contact us with any information about the Mary Lands case even if you believe we might be already aware of it. We continue to believe the case will soon be solved and we will bring Mary home.
We are now focusing on March 12, 2007, which will be the 4th anniversary Mary’s disappearance. We would like to do something different this year and in a forum that Mary would have appreciated. We will keep you advised on those details in the next few weeks. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us. Ex-Chief Requests Secret Meeting-Battle Creek Enquirer, 02/17/08
Chief Mike Olson Resignation? Battle Creek Enquirer- 01/26/2008 Battle Creek Enquirer Editorial Opinion- Where is Chief Olson?- 01/30/2008

On March 12, 2008 Mary will have been missing for 4 years. We hope the WOOD-TV8 feature and the 4th anniversary date will propel closure to this case. Because of the recent conviction of Mary’s former boy-friend, on unrelated charges with a 4 1/2-15 year prison sentence, this was the first holiday season in the last four years that brought hope and optimism to the Marshall family. We continue our trust in law enforcement and the criminal justice system and we know that we soon will bring Mary home. Let’s continue to focus on Mary and how to achieve those objectives. We urge anyone who might have information to contact the proper authorities, and the family. Again, last week the law enforcement team spent hours in investigative interviews related to Mary's disappearance. They are just as vehement as we are in solving the case and getting the job done.