Friday, March 2, 2012

Where is Sgt. T.J. Bryant of the Marshall Police Department? Is he Missing in Action?

Many of you have followed the exploits of Sgt. T.J. Bryant of the Marshall Police Department over the years and wondered how he could possibly keep his job? It has been reported that he is missing? Whatever his status is, he is no longer among Marshall Police Department's elite finest.
We are aware that there are some who were reluctant to come forward with information about Mary's disappearance because they did not trust certain individuals at MPD. This attitude has changed since Chief Jim Schwartz took over and a look at MPD today shows that it is a law enforcement agency of great integrity with the sole objective to serve the people of Marshall. The city's "Top Cop" has done an outstanding job in changing the image of his agency, and it is one that that can make all of us proud.
If you have any information about Mary's case, please contact; Chief Schwartz or D/Lt. Scott McDonald of the Marshall Police Department;
It is ironic that Sgt. Bryant's departure from Marshall Police Department occurs so close to the anniversary of the disappearance of Mary Denise Lands. On March 12, 2012 she will have been missing and a victim of homicide for 8 years.
Help bring Mary home, so that Cliff & Anita Marshall can finally have some closure.
Jim Carlin