Thursday, May 13, 2010

ABC Television & 20/20 to feature one-hour program on Mary Denise Lands

Update- May 8, 2010- Breaking News- Headlines- Battle Creek Enquirer
For nearly 6 years, and 2 months Cliff & Anita Marshall have lamented over the disappearance of their beloved daughter, Mary Denise Lands. For some time we have strived to have Mary's story told to the nation in order that tips could be developed and she could be brought home along with justice for the person/s involved in her disappearance and murder. Although the Michigan media has done an unbelievable amount of coverage we have not been able to convince other medias to review Mary's case.

Thanks to the March 29, 2010 Detroit News feature by Frank Donnelly, we recently received a call from ABC Television's 20/20 in New York City that they were interested in doing a one-hour feature on Mary's case that will air across the nation at the start of the Summer. The program's producer called me this morning and stated that today would be a great day to make this announcement especially since it is Cliff & Anita's 45th wedding anniversary. When Anita Marshall heard the great news, she screamed for joy, and remarked, "this is the icing on our 45th anniversary cake". She asked that the deepest appreciation be expressed to all who have made this happen and have supported the family over the last six years.
The Marshall's believe that the law enforcement community and Chief Jim Schwartz of the Marshall Police Department are doing everything possible to solve Mary's case, and the family is optimistic that their daughter will soon be brought home.

We hope that the 20/20 feature will result in new leads for our law enforcement team to finally close this case and allow Mary Lands to be brought home and laid to her final rest. The Marshall family will never have a closure to this personal tragedy, but with the assistance of ABC Television and 20/20 perhaps the end is near? Maybe soon we will have the answers on two primary questions that we have asked for so long, "Where is Mary?" and "When will we have justice for Mary?"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Good news for the Marshall's on their 45th Wedding Anniversary

Cliff & Anita enjoy a night out with friends and supporters at the Riverside in Marshall, Michigan.

Much of their comfort today came with the news that ABC's "20/20" is undertaking a story about their missing daughter, Mary Denise Lands. They believe this could be lead to assisting law enforcement in closing Mary's case. Thank you to all who have helped in our efforts over the last 6 years, one month, and 25 days.
Happy Anniversary Cliff & Anita from all of us, and enjoy your Mother's Day.

Cliff & Anita Marshall, 45th Wedding Anniversary, May 7, 2010

Update- May 7, 2010- The American Legion School Awards Program last night was a huge success, and so many people loved the presentation of Kailee Brandon singing our National Anthem. It was quite an accomplishment for the 10 year-old Marshall resident who attends school in Olivet. We are also pleased to announce that Kailee will sing the National Anthem on June 4, 2010, opening day for the Battle Creek Bombers.
Kailee Brandon- YouTube-The National Anthem

Remember, tonight Cliff & Anita Marshall will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary at the Riverside Pub in Marshall, Michigan. Friends are invited to gather and have an evening of entertainment provided by Brent Cole.
Come join the family for a great night of fun from 7:00 P.M.-11:00 PM.

On May 6, 2010, as Post Judge Advocate, I will be hosting an event at the W.K. Kellogg Auditorium for the Captain Oscar Brady, Post 298 of the American Legion. It is the 56th Annual American Legion School Awards Program that will recognize students from nine middle schools in Battle Creek. The awards will be given to outstanding middle school students for their achievements. Kailee Brandon will introduce the event with her rendition of the National Anthem. Many have recently learned of her outstanding voice and we are also now pleased to announce that she will be singing the Star-Spangled Banner on opening night for the Battle Creek Bombers on June 4th.
If you would like to enjoy some great community events in Battle Creek, please come out to W.K. Kellogg Auditorium on May 6th for the American Legion Awards, and support the Battle Creek Bombers, our local baseball team at C. O. Brown Stadium on June 4th. You'll walk away from both events and always remember the performance of Kailee Brandon singing our country's, National Anthem.