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Skeletal Remains Recovered in Comstock Township

May 7, 2011- Today marks 7 years, one month, and 25 days since Mary allegedly walked off from her Walden Pond apartment in Marshall, Michigan, as reported by her fiancé, Christopher Luke Pratt. He is now serving a 5-15 year sentence for felony crimes against a more recent girl-friend, Norrene Parker. Inmate Pratt could be released as early as February 2012.
We are aware of the skeletal remains that were recently found approximately three miles west of the Target Distribution Center in Comstock Township.
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Numerous bodies, both male and female, have been recovered over these last seven years in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, but none have come close to fitting the description of Mary Denise Lands. These remains, and the proximity of their location do give us hope that it may be her, and she might soon be able to rest in peace.

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Chief Jim Schwartz of the Marshall Police Department has always said that forensics would be the key in solving Mary's case. Whether these remains are of our Mary, or that of another missing female, the identity of this person will be soon discovered through thorough forensic examination. It may not give comfort to the Marshall family, but it will give come comfort to another family who have endured a similar tragedy of their missing daughter, granddaughter, or relative. Someone's loved one will be coming home.

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We should all pray that the recovery and identity of the female in Comstock Township will bring some peace to a family in turmoil searching for their lost relative over the years.

To remind the public of the fear that this felon perpetrated against Ms. Parker we are re-publishing her letter to Judge Stephen Miller at sentencing. I am sure that the words may be similar for other women leaving in fear in an environment of domestic violence.

January 1, 2008
Re: Sentencing of Christopher Luke Pratt
Dear Honorable Judge Miller:

We see it every day on the news, "women battered, women killed, and women missing"….Looking back on June 24th, 2007 I realize I was one of the few women that walked away from the enraged hands of a controlling individual, such as Christopher Pratt. It’s true, loving Christopher Pratt does hurt; it hurts a lot and it is a hurt that does not go away once the relationship is through. People tell me how lucky I was to get away and how proud they are of me standing up and facing him. Although I did walk away physically that day I do not know if I will ever escape him mentally; myself and my children included. The humiliation of what I have gone through during this trial has been an embarrassment I will never forget, nor will my friends, family and co-workers.
Christopher’s doing caused me to move out of the home we shared, moving myself and my children three times in six months before we finally settled. I have incurred medical bills, as well as counseling costs as well. In addition my employer hired extra guards to make sure I came and went from their facility in a safe manner while his bond was active.
He has destroyed my trust, my solitude of feeling "safe" as well as my children’s sense of safety. "If he comes home will he find us?" is a common question from the mouth of my nine year-old son. My nightmares of Christopher and that day wake me in the night, as does the little one standing beside my bed. "Can I sleep with you…are you sure Chris is still in jail?" His shadow will forever lurk in our minds.
Christopher recently made a comment from his jail cell, which entailed, "Make sure she doesn’t make it to the witness stand or I am fucked". What exactly was his evil intent behind this? Although he is locked up now, I am constantly looking over my shoulder and seldom go out at night, especially if no one is with me. I am fearful of anyone I don’t know that approaches me..fearful it’s someone that is doing Chris’ dirty work for him. Christopher is a man of trophies, of possessions, and I, in his eyes, am his forever. He has made the comment, "If I can’t have you, No one will"….and to my father, "If your daughter leaves me I will hunt her down and get her back". This behavior is not normal and for the most part, unsettling. His intents and his so-called empty threats…are too real for me..real because I know he is fully capable of fulfilling each and every threat he made to me…capable because he is one that cares not what he does, but that in his eyes, he wins at doing it.
Christopher is, in my opinion, a narcissistic evil and one of the world’s best liars. But the problem for him and a blessing for us is, he forgets what he has lied about and walks into his own net eventually. Although Christopher will tell you he is never wrong, all his problems are caused by other individuals. Christopher is fully aware of his own evil. He has told me in a fit of tears on more than one occasion that he has done things to make himself sick, that I should not be with him, however he added, "I am too selfish to let you go". Christopher also noted to a letter to his son,…"It’s because of Norrene I am here, if she hadn’t provoked me I wouldn’t have lost my temper, however Son, the good thing is that God has a place for men like me and its called prison." He knows he is a danger to me.
Christopher promised me a long and happy life with him, stating we will be sitting in our rocking chairs side by side one day…if that was the case, why was he throwing chairs at me? Simple in my mind today, he was trying to make sure I never left him…even if he had to attempt to break my ankles doing so, he would never allow me to leave him.
Your Honor, I am asking you to consider maximum sentencing possible. Letting him go on anything less, will most certainly bring dread to my family and our community. Even if he is let out with a "no contact condition", I can guarantee within an hour of his release, he will be at my doorstep. He has no authority for the guidelines for which you set, as he proved by attempting to contact me within minutes of being released from your courtroom the same day you issued a "no contact" guideline between him and me. Christopher taunts authority and does not like to be told what to do, more so, he resents the word "No".
Christopher harms children, women and animals without considering the repercussions of his actions. Do you think they forget as easily as you do? Well, they don’t. Christopher I never will and I know my children will not forget the wake you have left behind in our lives. Christopher is a man that will not learn his lesson with a slap on the hands, he is someone who has the potential to harm others for the sake of his own well-being. He is habitual. I honestly believe Christopher is lacking a human conscience, and because of this I pray for him. I pray that he finds it in himself to consider every evil thing he has done and come clean with it. Christopher can’t take back the tears he placed in my sons eyes the day he put us through this, nor can he take away the emptiness he placed in their hearts with the betrayal he brought out after promising to be so good to them and to their Mom. In my eyes, no sentencing handed to him is justifiable enough, but I know God will sentence him one day and when that day comes…God have mercy on your soul Christopher Pratt.
Again, Your Honor, please consider the maximum sentencing that is reasonable and prudent to this manner, and do so with the thought of myself and children in mind, of every soul he has waltzed upon without hesitation to their lives, their feelings, their well being. Anything less will result in a profound nightmare.
Norrene Parker

Jim Carlin
Justinian Investigative Services

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April 13, 2011- Mary Denise Lands declared officially deceased

WWMT-Channel 3 News Link- Wednesday, April 13, 2011 was another sad and somber day for Mary's family in the courtroom of Judge Michael Jaconette as they were present asking that their beloved daughter be officially declared deceased. The hearing started at 2:00 P.M. and lasted about thirty minutes in the Justice Complex in Battle Creek. It was indeed a very difficult day for all of us, but hopefully the family will be able to achieve some small form of closure through this legal process. After testimony Judge Jaconette made an immediate decision from the bench that Mary Lands is deceased. He set her date of death as March 12, 2009, which would have been 5 years after she was last seen alive. Although Mary has now been missing for seven years, one month, and one day we still believe that the law enforcement community is actively working to close this case. We have no doubt that the person/s responsible for the disappearance and murder of Mary Denise Lands will be held responsible. Together, we will bring Mary home! Jim Carlin (Photo credit; Corinne Kellogg, Marshall Chronicle/Advisor) April 13, 2011- Battle Creek Enquirer News Link- April 13, 20111 WOODTV8 News link-

Do you recognize any of these names? "Help return family photographs to a relative who may wish to have them back"

On Wednesday, May 25, 2011 nearly two dozen family albums of about 700 photographs weighing 150 pounds were recovered from a secluded dumpster near the west pavilion of Willard Beach at Goguac Lake in Battle Creek, Michigan.
They include a chronological family lifespan of at least 64 years, and the reason these materials were placed in the dumpster are unknown? At least 30 calls have been made across the country trying to locate a family member that would like these photographs returned. Numerous inquiries were made to churches, veteran organizations, community groups, and to BPOE 131. Michigan obituaries have also been checked in an attempt to identify family members, but to no avail. If you have any information on these individuals, please contact me as soon as possible so that the photographs may be returned to a relative or friend that might like them. The albums contain letters and cards that were very well preserved for many decades. This family seemed to be very close and enjoyed outings with friends and other relatives. It appeared that they traveled often and may have visited Florida, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, South America, the Michigan UP and probably were well known in their respective communities. The family may have had a religious connection to the Congregational Church in Battle Creek.

The top left photo is from 1976- Radewald Farms- 1976, the family black/white photo is from 1947-June and Howard Pomeroy of Toledo, Ohio with family; Carol, Mary, Kay, Dick Ford, Dorothy, Kate and Don Donaldson, and the other is an obituary of a Robert Arthur Parrish, who previously lived in Battle Creek and died in Palm Harbor, Florida in 1989. Battle Creek Enquirer- May 28, 2011

Some of the names noted include;

Vicki L. Sneller, Holland, Michigan 1986
Kim Sneller, Holland- 1986
Richard Makela- Post card- Kalamazoo- date Unk
Robert Parrish, Palm Harbor, Fl. Obit notice 1989
June and Howard Pomeroy- Toledo, Ohio- 1946
Red Bud Foster Care, Location unknown- 1985
Ken and Alice Saathoff- 1984
Virginia and Ralph Rounds- May 1947
Wintergreen Lake, Gull Lake Bird Sanctuary- 1947
Jean Rowe- Seminole, Florida- 1985 (Business card for Prudential Realty) She is unknown there now, and Prudential has no record of this name.
Ralph Rounds- 1963
Ralph Rounds- School photo 1951/1952
Doris & Bob Johnson- Location unknown- April 1997
Change of Watch Dance- Location unknown- January 1996
Janet, Kay, Keith and Dick, Vermont Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 1945
John Doyle- Location unknown- 1949
Timmie Doyle- Capital Avenue, NE- 1946
Libby Ann Doyle- Photo taken from apartment house on Capital Avenue NE and Elm in Battle Creek
Mr./Mrs. Ed Shimm- Photo taken from across the street, 847 E. Michigan Avenue in Battle Creek, Worked and retired from General Foods in 1947
Mike Biebrich- August 1956
Tarrant County College, Class of 1999- name of Erin Lucinda Gavin checked.
Frances Quirk, Niles, Michigan- 1986
Radewald Farms, Niles, Michigan
Rev. Richard Kuhn- 1986 Morris Chapel Church, Niles, Michigan
Helen and Don Foster- Enquirer article- 1986 50th anniversary, couple living in Orlando
Poly & John Taylor, Enquirer article- September 1986
Thom & Lynne Taylor- Enquirer article- January 1987
Diane Radewald- H-P article, Appointed to Berrien County Clerk- July 1986
Adolph Knott- 1980
Bud Miller, Bud's Service Center, Seminole, Texas 1986
Francis Norris- wedding announcement for daughter Nancy to Mahlon Lee Lowery
1988 Commencement program from Lakeview High School

Jim Carlin
Justinian Investigative Services

"A very happy ending to the photo album mystery" Photographs returned to family in Fort Wayne, Indiana

A very callous and compassionless relative here in Battle Creek discarded 64 years of family photographs last week in a dumpster at Willard Park. He claims to work there and had permission from his boss to dump the photos. 150 pounds of photographs in 25 family albums meticulously compiled by Carol M. White-Taylor, Battle Creek Enquirer Obituary over her lifetime were left in a watery and dirty trash bin. A city employee working nearby, Mike Hess, helped me recover the property. Three days later the identity of the owner was ascertained. Ms. Taylor passed away on April 26, 2011, at the age of 91 while residing at the Heritage Assisted Living Community.
After the Battle Creek Enquirer ran the story numerous calls and emails were received from throughout the country. Ms. Taylor's sister, Alice, in Maryland was especially pleased that the photos were recovered. Many of the photos were of her taken in the 1940's with other family members.
This morning, all the materials were delivered to some very happy family members in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was told that Carol loved life, family, friends, choir, church, and teaching those around her. There is no doubt that today she is smiling down from heaven knowing that her family has come into the possession of the lifetime of photographs she put together. Thank you to Sarah Lambert of the the Battle Creek Enquirer, and to the many great friends and relatives of Carol who contacted me.
(Shenoah, Nancy & Ken White)                             of Fort Wayne, Indiana