Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"A very happy ending to the photo album mystery" Photographs returned to family in Fort Wayne, Indiana

A very callous and compassionless relative here in Battle Creek discarded 64 years of family photographs last week in a dumpster at Willard Park. He claims to work there and had permission from his boss to dump the photos. 150 pounds of photographs in 25 family albums meticulously compiled by Carol M. White-Taylor, Battle Creek Enquirer Obituary over her lifetime were left in a watery and dirty trash bin. A city employee working nearby, Mike Hess, helped me recover the property. Three days later the identity of the owner was ascertained. Ms. Taylor passed away on April 26, 2011, at the age of 91 while residing at the Heritage Assisted Living Community.
After the Battle Creek Enquirer ran the story numerous calls and emails were received from throughout the country. Ms. Taylor's sister, Alice, in Maryland was especially pleased that the photos were recovered. Many of the photos were of her taken in the 1940's with other family members.
This morning, all the materials were delivered to some very happy family members in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was told that Carol loved life, family, friends, choir, church, and teaching those around her. There is no doubt that today she is smiling down from heaven knowing that her family has come into the possession of the lifetime of photographs she put together. Thank you to Sarah Lambert of the the Battle Creek Enquirer, and to the many great friends and relatives of Carol who contacted me.
(Shenoah, Nancy & Ken White)                             of Fort Wayne, Indiana


Justinian Investigative Services said...

The White family in Indiana asked that this be posted, and they thank everyone for their support. Ms. Taylor's sister in Maryland is thrilled that she will soon be receiving some photos, which she never had the opportunity to obtain.
For anyone who might like to say hello this family, or have ideas on the names of others who may know the family over the years, here is the email for the White's;


I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you have done. I am still amazed at all that was thrown away. We started sorting through the photos yesterday, and after almost 5 hours have only gotten through 1 box. We talked to my Great-Aunt Alice after you were here and she is elated to have the photos back in the family.

I am going to call Virginia Radewald today to see about sending some of the photos off to her and her family.
I have emailed Erin Gavin, who is Duane Taylor's Granddaughter, and am going to get the photos of her family back to her.
I am going to send the photos of Jan's family off to his two sons, as we are thinking they didn't get to see the photos before they were dumped, and might like to have them.
I am also going to try and contact a couple of former neighbors of my Grandmother's in Florida to see if I can get all the Florida memorabilia back to the right people.
My Aunt Sheryl, is checking on a current address for Duane's family in Hawaii so we can get one of the photos books off to them.
I am hoping to have everything sorted and mailed out to everyone by the end of next week.

Again, thank you for all you have done, it is very much appreciated. If we ever need an investigator, you will be the first person we call!
I will keep you posted on any further family developments, and let you know when the last photo is mailed out.

The White Family,
Shenoah, Nancy & Gary

Anonymous said...

Our family was very close to Carol years ago. God Bless you all