Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Highers Brothers Released from Prison after 25 years-

August 13, 2012- After 25 years, Highers Brothers released from prison
Detroit Free Press News Feature

New Testimony on Highers Conviction draws interest of NBC Dateline  Testimony Continues, Read Detroit Free Press Story, March 12, 2012  
News Link- Detroit Free Press, March 11, 2012 Two Detroit men, Thomas & Raymond Highers were wrongfully convicted in 1987 for a murder in Detroit, and after working this case for the family it appears that justice may finally be just around the corner. A hearing has been scheduled for March 12, 2012 in the Wayne County Circuit Court Room of Judge Talon, which may be the first step in the path to their freedom. Another investigator and I have been working on this case for over three years and the Internet played an important part in having witnesses come forward and be interviewed. This would not have occurred without the help of zealous defense attorneys who like us, recognized that these men are innocent. Just as in the case of Mary Denise Lands, the wheels of justice grind slowly, however the system will work for these men, and soon the person/s responsible for the disappearance of murder of Mary Lands will be held accountable.
If you can offer any information on the Highers case or Mary's disappearance please call;
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