Sunday, June 20, 2010

"A 2010 Father's Day Plea to Bring Home his Daughter"

June 20, 2010- Today is Father's Day- 2010, and it has been 6 years, 3 months, and 8 days since Mary Denise Lands allegedly walked away from her Waldon Pond Apartment on March 12, 2004. This is the 7th Father's Day that Clifford Marshall has had to endure not knowing the fate of his beloved daughter. Cliff's previous Father's Day appeals to the public were published on June 17, 2006, June 17, 2007, June 15, 2008.
Here are just a few comments from his appeals of the past;
MDOC Inmate Christopher Luke Pratt has been incarcerated for nearly one full year after his arrest in June 2007 for domestic violence. As you know, in January 2008 he was sentenced up to 15 years in prison for crimes against another girl-friend. If you have information on Mary's disappearance you are urged to contact the police.Clifford Marshall again must endure the anguish of his 5th Father’s Day not knowing the fate of his daughter, Mary Denise Lands.
Can anyone help me with questions about my daughter, Mary, who has now been missing for over 27 months? Mary was 39 years old when she disappeared from her apartment in Marshall, Michigan.
She was my adult daughter, but she will always be my “baby."
For over two years we have been asking, “Where is Mary?”and “When will we have justice for Mary?” Please help our family in this tragedy.
If you would like to call Cliff and say hello for Father’s Day, the telephone number is 269.781.4508. Mailing address; PO Box 63, Marshall, Michigan 49068.Cliff & Anita receive much comfort from the continued support of so many friends in the community.Together, we will bring Mary home and "we’re not going anywhere" until the job is done!
We have come a long way in nearly seven years in our efforts to bring Mary home and for the person/s responsible for her disappearance and murder to be held accountable in a court of law. If you go back and read Cliff Marshall's appeals over the last many years you will see our accomplishments, and the differences of "then and now".
Today, we have a new "top cop" in Marshall, Chief Jim Schwartz who along with D/Lt. Scott McDonald is determined to solve this case, and bring the perpetrator/s to justice. We have a new prosecutor, Susan Mladenoff. We have Dan Buscher who successfully prosecuted Christoper Luke Pratt for his violent felony crimes against a former girl-friend, Norrene Parker, but most of all we continue to have the support of our friends in the community.
We also know that there are witnesses in our community who could come forward, even anonymously, and provide that final piece of the puzzle to bring Mary home. You know who you are!
Please let this be the last Father's Day for Cliff Marshall that he must lament about his daughter, and ask; "Where is Mary? and, When will we have Justice for Mary?"
As in past appeals, we are listing the contact information for members of law enforcement handling this case. You may remain anonymous. We only ask that you make the call.
Chief Jim Schwartz, Marshall Police Department-269.781.2596
D/Lt. Scott McDonald, Marshall Police Department-269.781.2596
D/Sgt Mike Salmen, Michigan State Police, Battle Creek Post- 269.968.6115,
D/Sgt. Mike Scott, Michigan State Police, White Pigeon Post- 269-483-7612
Calhoun County Prosecutor's Office- 269.969.6980
Office of the Michigan Attorney General- 517.241.6565
Jim Carlin-269.753.1181