Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday's from the Marshall Family

Cliff, Anita, and I wish to extend best wishes to our friends and supporters who have been there for us over the last 10 1/2 years in our search for Mary. The law enforcement community has done a magnificent job in trying to end the family's heartache and to bring to justice the person/persons responsible for the disappearance and murder of Mary Denise Lands. A special thank you to Marshall Police Chief Jim Schwartz, Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert, Sheriff Matt Saxton, and the Michigan State Police investigators who are actively working this case. This dedicated team will never give up, nor will we. I vehemently believe that our prayers will soon be answered in an unusual manner, and we will finally bring Mary home to rest in peace.
Thank you again to all, and we will see you on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, which will mark the 10th anniversary of Mary's disappearance.
Jim Carlin, 269.753.1181- Email-

Friday, November 8, 2013

Pratt Released on Parole, on November 6, 2013

WWMT-Channel 3 News Feature, Pratt Parole, 11/08/2013
After his December 2007 conviction for Domestic Violence, Unlawful Imprisonment, Interfering with/Electronic Communications Causing Injury/Death, and Assault with Dangerous Weapon (Felonious Assault), Chris Pratt was released on parole from a Jackson prison on Wednesday, November 6, 2013. He was convicted in a Calhoun County Circuit Court for the above noted violent crimes against a more recent girlfriend. Although he is officially considered a "person of interest" in connection with the disappearance and homicide of Mary Denise Lands, he has not yet been charged. Inmate, now Parolee Pratt, has been incarcerated since June 24, 2007, for a total of 6 years, and 4 months. His original sentence included a sentence of 4-15 years.
Today, the family of Mary Denise Lands has not known the fate of their beloved daughter since March 12, 2004 when according to Parolee Pratt, she walked away from the apartment they shared at Waldon Pond Townhouses in Marshall, Michigan. 44 hours later Chris Pratt called Mary's parent's in California to ask if Mary was there? Her parent's had relocated there only one week earlier. Today, Mary Denise Lands has been missing for 9 years, 7 months, and 26 days. March 12, 2014 it will mark the 10th anniversary of her disappearance. 
As hard as we all fought to keep this violent perpetrator in prison, we could only do so for the last three times that he came up for review by the Michigan Department of Corrections Parole Board. He is now free to wander the community and groom new victims. He may have a new appearance on his MDOC OTIS link, but I guarantee he has not changed on the inside, and this "Creeper" will continue his dysfunctional way of life. Please feel free to review the content of this site, and if you have any information, no matter how trivial it may seem, call the authorities.
Christopher Luke Pratt, Inmate # 673261

If anyone has information on this case, the family once again urges you to please contact any of the following local law enforcement officials;
Chief Jim Schwartz, Marshall Police Department- 269.781.2596
Michigan State Police, District 5 Headquarters, Paw Paw, Michigan- 269.657.6081
Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton, 269.969.6450
Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert- 269.969.6980

There is no doubt that the person/s responsible for the disappearance and murder of Mary Denise Lands will be held accountable. We will never give up in our efforts to bring Mary home. Please help us!

Jim Carlin
Justinian Investigative Services
Battle Creek, Michigan

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mary Denise Lands, 9th Anniverary Memorial Vigil- March 12, 2013

Battle Creek Enquirer News Link- March 13, 2013
March 12, 2013 will mark the 9th anniversary in the disappearance of Mary Denise Lands. The family has not held any events since 2011 when a Calhoun Court judge officially declared her deceased, but we plan to again promote public awareness for her disappearance and ask the public to help law enforcement solve this case.
The event will be held at the Brooks Memorial Circle Fountain in Marshall, Michigan on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 11:00 A.M. We expect numerous law enforcement officers from the community to attend including the newly elected Calhoun County Prosecutor, David Gilbert, Sheriff Matt Saxton, Undersheriff Tim Hurtt, Chief Jim Schwartz, and others. We also have the honor of the presence of Eric Falker, Director of Student Ministries of the Marshall United Methodist Church, who will provide an introductory prayer for the family, and our community. Pastor Len Sheonenherr of MUMC also wished to attend, however he will be out of town on March 12th.
Mary was a battered woman, a tragic victim of domestic violence, and as we have done in the past, we have invited Jennifer Fopma, and representatives of S.A.F.E. Place Shelter to the vigil.
Today, Mary has been missing for 8 years, 11 months, and 27 days. 49 balloons (Mary's age, if she were alive today) will be provided by Troy & Sandy Radcliff of Lakeside Florist of Battle Creek, and will be released at the conclusion of the event.
There is a person in our community who can provide that one crucial tip that will help the team of investigators solve this case. We have never lost hope, and we believe that this will be the year that Mary will be recovered, and the person/s responsible for her disappearance and murder will be held accountable in a court of law.
If you have information that can help solve this case, please call any of the following; Chief Jim Schwartz, MPD- 269.781.3431, Calhoun County Prosecutor's Office- 269.966.6980, or Michigan State Police, 2nd District- 269.657.6081. You can remain anonymous.
Please join us on March 12th and show your continued support for Cliff & Anita Marshall.
Jim Carlin
Justinian Investigative Services
269.274.6334 (Cell)