Thursday, May 13, 2010

ABC Television & 20/20 to feature one-hour program on Mary Denise Lands

Update- May 8, 2010- Breaking News- Headlines- Battle Creek Enquirer
For nearly 6 years, and 2 months Cliff & Anita Marshall have lamented over the disappearance of their beloved daughter, Mary Denise Lands. For some time we have strived to have Mary's story told to the nation in order that tips could be developed and she could be brought home along with justice for the person/s involved in her disappearance and murder. Although the Michigan media has done an unbelievable amount of coverage we have not been able to convince other medias to review Mary's case.

Thanks to the March 29, 2010 Detroit News feature by Frank Donnelly, we recently received a call from ABC Television's 20/20 in New York City that they were interested in doing a one-hour feature on Mary's case that will air across the nation at the start of the Summer. The program's producer called me this morning and stated that today would be a great day to make this announcement especially since it is Cliff & Anita's 45th wedding anniversary. When Anita Marshall heard the great news, she screamed for joy, and remarked, "this is the icing on our 45th anniversary cake". She asked that the deepest appreciation be expressed to all who have made this happen and have supported the family over the last six years.
The Marshall's believe that the law enforcement community and Chief Jim Schwartz of the Marshall Police Department are doing everything possible to solve Mary's case, and the family is optimistic that their daughter will soon be brought home.

We hope that the 20/20 feature will result in new leads for our law enforcement team to finally close this case and allow Mary Lands to be brought home and laid to her final rest. The Marshall family will never have a closure to this personal tragedy, but with the assistance of ABC Television and 20/20 perhaps the end is near? Maybe soon we will have the answers on two primary questions that we have asked for so long, "Where is Mary?" and "When will we have justice for Mary?"


Justinian Investigative Services said...

I thought I would share this with our friends. It is from a supporter who is now serving as a law enforcement professional in Afghanistan. We hope he can stay safe and come home with his assignment completed successfully very soon.
I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulation's to you and the Marshall family, this investigative news program may be the key to bringing tip's and hopefully witnesses forward that will provide the evidence needed to both find Mary and prosecute those responsible for her death. The tireless work of both yourself and the Marshall family is to be commended, never give in and never give up, although I am not in a position to be of much help, please don't hesitate to contact me if you think there is anything I can do to assist you in your effort's.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

big deal

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen this latest???
The Creeper just got moved to Chippewa Correctional prison in the UP. Thats now a 325 mile road trip for the Pratts. yipee....can the Creeper swim? could be he'll hatch a plan to swim to Canada. If I was Pratt I'd keep warm under the blankets before they return him here for a murder trial.

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I repeat big deal

Anonymous said...

Its time for someone to solve this mystery...

Anonymous said...

What is the date that they are going to show mary's case on 20/20?

Anonymous said...

How come they can't charge Pratt without a body? They did in a Michigan county south of here.
Check it out from Grand Rapids Crime Examiner!
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Doug Stewart, the estranged husband of missing woman Venus Stewart, has been formally charged with her abduction and murder, despite the fact that her body has not yet been recovered.

Venus vanished on the morning of April 26 from her parents’ home in Colon Township, Michigan after heading outside to check the mail.

Stewart was named a person of interest in his wife’s disappearance, almost from the beginning of the investigation.

Authorities note that another man, Richard Spencer, is an alleged co-conspirator in the case, claiming to have pretended to be Stewart in Virginia to give him an alibi while Stewart was actually in Michigan kidnapping and killing his wife.

Prosecutor John McDonough said Stewart and Spencer had planned the crime for about a month before the abduction of Venus took place. He also said that Stewart left investigators a bevy of evidence that connected him to the crime.

According to WKZO, the search for Venus’ body will now intensify.

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I've been checking 20/20 weekly to see if this is the week the Mary Lands case will air on ABC. You posted that it would air at the beginning of summer and it's now October and I haven't heard anything about it. Is it still going to be on 20/20, and if so, when?

Thanks for you help.

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Thank you for your inquiry. We have been waiting to hear back for some time, but it appears Mary's story is on hold. I'd be glad to provide you the contact information for the show, and perhaps if people sent a note expressing how valuable this could be that they might speed things up and get it done. A national story surely would help the case and enable law enfrocement to bring her home. Some goods news is that NBC may come through earlier than the 20/20 story;

Donna Hunter
ABC News 20/20
147 Columbus Ave
Office 910
New York, NY 10023