Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Ride for Mary"-- A Huge Success- Bikers said it clear, "We will bring Mary Home!"

August 19, 2007- The motorcycle benefit ride on behalf of Mary Denise Lands was held and exceeded our expections. A Google Video is now available and others will soon be published.
A special thanks to Chief Mike Olson of the Marshall Police Department, the Michigan State Police, the Battle Creek Police and the other law enforcement agencies who made the "Ride for Mary" safe and successful. After two months of planning for the event it was a great day for a bike ride. The weather was bright and sunny day and Mary was smiling down upon us all. Many people across America have heard about the family’s anguish in Mary’s disappearance and how this tragedy has affected our community. 300 participants came together for the 55-mile "Ride for Mary" tour. We will bring Mary home in 2007. Last year in another event for a different cause 150 bikers participated from a starting point at Godfather’s Pizza/Ball Joint Sports Bar & Grill and toured throughout Calhoun County. We hope to double the number of bikers this year with a similar itinerary. Motorcyclists from Detroit, Coldwater, Kalamazoo and other parts of Michigan joined us on the tour. The August 18, 2007 route included a 55-mile ride from Battle Creek to Battle Creek to Marshall and Burlington. There were breaks at at the Whistle-Stop in Burlington, the Riverside & Place Next Door in Marshall and festivities back at Godfather's Pizza/Ball Joint in Battle Creek. Ride for Mary-Flyer We all wish to thank you for your support. The event was open to the public and proceeds will be donated to the Mary Lands Trust Fund at Monarch Bank in Marshall. An autographed Dale Earnhardt, Jr. jacket was raffled. Tickets were $1.00 each. Dale Earnhardt Jr-Jacket Where is Mary? t-shirts and caps will be available. Ride for Mary T-Shirts in sizes M, L, XL for $10.00, the 2XL -$12.00, 3X & 4X-$13.00. Where is Mary? caps will be sold for $3.00. Shirts can still be ordered.
Cliff & Anita Marshall thank you all for stopping by and saying hello. We believe this event will help generate more tips and public interest in the Mary Lands investigation and will result in the person/s responsible for Mary’s disappearance and murder being held accountable in a court of law.
Thank you to the many supporters of the 2007 “Ride for Mary” including Godfather's Pizza/Ball Joint Sports Bar & Grill, Battle Creek Harley-Davidson, Atlas Sales/Anheuser-Busch, Progressive Printing, Christman Screenprint, and others in Battle Creek and across America.
It is through the kind efforts of good people in our community that Cliff & Anita Marshall are able to find comfort in their difficult times. l- Jim Carlin, 269.441.7068 or email--
You may also contact the family at 269.781.4508, or write- PO Box 63 Marshall, Michigan 49068 .
Thank you again for your support on the "Ride for Mary" and in your help to bring Mary home.


Anonymous said...

we are all in.
bikers ride for justice. we're going to bring her home. my family will be there for Mary Lands family

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Letter to the Editor, Marshall Chronicle, August 4, 2007

Positive Movement in the Mary Denise Lands Investigation

Although the family and I have been very critical of the Marshall Police Department in the past there does seem to be much more of a visible effort to solve this case.
Whatever the reasons, since the 3rd week of June people have been coming forward with new tips and information about the case. We see many positive results and believe this case can, and will be solved. The person/s responsible will be held accountable in a court of law.
We fully recognize that law enforcement and the Prosecutor’s Office cannot tell us much about their investigation, and we have no problem with that attitude. It is the proper one.
What is extremely promising to us all is that investigators can now be seen following up on various leads and tips. More and more people are talking about Mary’s case and what might have occurred on that cold weekend in March 2004? The motorcycle benefit “Ride for Mary” will be yet another great forum for our community to promote public awareness in the Mary Lands investigation. We urge the one particular person with vital information to come forward and end this mystery. Someone can anonymously point us to the location of Mary’s body. That is all the family is requesting. We will keep your name confidential.
Cliff & Anita Marshall & family wish to express their deepest appreciation to the good people of our community, and across America for their interest and support.
We want you all to know,
“We will soon bring Mary home.”

Jim Carlin
Justinian Investigative Services
Battle Creek, Michigan

Anonymous said...

with pratts in jail ppl will talk more and not be so scared. keep em all there throw the key away solve the case and Mary can come home

Justinian Investigative Services said...

The August 18th “Ride for Mary” is coming along well. Tips and new leads continue to come in and are examined and passed along to law enforcement. They are all prioritized and followed up by the investigators.
We believe the bike ride will be a great forum for bikers and others to talk about Mary’s case and for us to obtain that crucial piece of information as to her whereabouts.
Chief Olson of the Marshall Police Department has made a commitment to help in the event and we welcome his efforts.
We will soon bring Mary home.

Justinian Investigative Services said...

By the way, we just learned from Christman Screenprint that the shirts should be available today or tomorrow. If you would like one in advance, please call or email and I’ll personally drop one off. Sizes M, L, XL for $10.00, 2XL -$12.00, 3X & 4X-$13.00. Every penny donated on the “Ride for Mary” will go to the Mary Lands Trust Fund, Monarch Bank in Marshall.
Come out on August 18th even if you don’t have a bike. Meet the family and support us in our quest to bring Mary home.

Anne said...

Following this case from its earliest beginnings, I know that these are the things that help the family keep the faith that they will be able to bring Mary home.

There is nothing more that I would like than to be at the bike ride on the 18th; however, I start back to school tomorrow. I will be there in spirit though.

Mary is never far from my mind and I believe that this event will bring even more answers. I'm also purchasing two shirts which we'll proudly wear. While there may not be clues to Mary's disappearance in Arizona, the shirts will bring questions and we can tell about Mary, and also of Norrene's courage in breaking out of an abusive relationship.

To everyone involved in the search for Mary, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Each day that passes brings you one day closer to the answer. Hang in there, and ride safe!!

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Thank you Anne,
I'll get your shirts off in the mail to Arizona right away.
Just a note, your comment marks 1,200 the family has received since the start of this Justice for Mary" blog in July 2006.
Most of them were all positive with the exception of a few.
Thank you again.

MIKE said...

i would like to be at the ride for mary -motorcycle event next weekend,however i have to work .i would really like to get me a T-SHIRT. XL. is it possible for me to go to cliff's and get it.they live only 5 minutes away.

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Sure Mike,
Both Cliff and I have them. Give him a call and stop and pick one up. 781.4508.
Thanksm Jim

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Update, August 20, 2007-
Mr. Pratt’s attorney appeared today for a motion hearing in Calhoun County Circuit Court asking that the charges against Christopher Pratt be dismissed. He also presented a motion for a bond reduction on the defendant. Mr. Pratt was present for the hearing after being escorted into court by a deputy sheriff. Three members of the Pratt family were also present in court.
Chief Assistant Prosecutor Dan Buscher represented the people. After a 20 minute hearing Judge Stephen B. Miller denied the defense request to quash any of the charges, and further denied reduction of the $75,000.00 bond. Mr. Pratt was then returned to the Calhoun County Correctional Facility.

Anonymous said...

did u know Randy Slone went to prison last week for meth lab?
a lot of ppl will be talking soon on Mary case,

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Our web sites are dedicated to public awareness about the disappearance and murder of Mary Denise Lands. Included in them are issues of domestic violence and the characteristics of perpetrators who engage in physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.
It is a national tragedy of which Mary was a victim. It is not our fault that Mr. Pratt has a prominence on some of the pages.
In my opinion, his relationships are terminated with battered and broken women left in an evil wake of domestic violence. Christopher Luke Pratt is now in jail for allegations of serious crimes against a woman. We had nothing to do with those events and he brought it on himself. We’ll watch for the outcome of those charges determined by a jury of his peers at his October trial.
More and more people are coming forward and talking about what really occurred on March 12, 2004, the night Mary disappeared.
There is a saying, “Good things will come to those who wait” The Marshall family has waited for over 3 ½ years but we will soon know the facts. These sites have brought people together for that ultimate goal.
If you personally don’t like what you see, don’t open your browser. You also have the opportunity to build your own Pratt web site so put your sarcasm to some good use.
We will bring Mary home very soon, but for now we all keep hope and hold on to the words, “Good things will come to those who wait”

Amber said...

Uncle Cliff and Aunt Anita-
This is Amber, Rickeys daughter i know i'm not around anymore but every chance I get I look to see if theres any new info I want to send my love to you guys I hope to graduate soon so I can come home. I love you all and hope that we can put Mary to rest once and for all! And what ever or whoever, the sick fool is that did it behind bars for good.
stay stronge and keep your head high we'll get the jerk that did this soon enough!!!!!!!!

love ya,

Serepta said...

People should read this.