Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cliff & Anita Marshall meet with Michigan Attorney General officials in Lansing

Today, Cliff & Anita Marshall and I received a very warm and cordial greeting from officials of the Michigan Attorney General in Lansing. We traveled to the Capitol for a scheduled meeting with Criminal Division Chief David E. Tanay and Assistant Attorney General Dennis J. Pheney, Jr. It included a very constructive and positive 2-hour conversation. Accompanying Cliff & Anita to Lansing was a close personal friend. She has offered them support and comfort over these last several years and always been there to help the family.

In November 2008 the Attorney General wrote to the family and advised that they would review with local authorities the circumstances on the disappearance of their daughter, Mary Denise Lands, and consider providing assistance. We were previously aware that AG officials have been to Calhoun County to meet with local law enforcement authorities on Mary’s case. There have been very positive developments and we were assured that everyone is working together in a unified professional manner to help bring Mary home, and to hold the person/s responsible for her disappearance and murder accountable in a court of law. The Michigan Attorney General is pleased with the ongoing progress of Calhoun County Prosecutor Susan Mladenoff, Assistant Prosecutor Dan Buscher, Chief Scott McDonald of the Marshall Police Department, and the investigators from the Michigan State Police.

Cliff & Anita brought with them to Lansing a small quilt made by another daughter residing in California. Sewn into the quilt are pieces of the many colorful medical scrubs that Mary wore when she was employed by Day One Family Health Care in Battle Creek. They also brought some of Mary's personal jewelry, which was recovered from the home that Chris Pratt shared with a girl-friend prior to his arrest in June 2007. See Video/links, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlWlhjxFLMw

As most of you you know, in December 2007 Christopher Luke Pratt-http://www.state.mi.us/mdoc/asp/otis2profile.asp?mdocNumber=673261 was convicted of multiple felonies for a violent assault on that girl-friend and is currently serving 5-15 years in custody of the MDOC. He is now incarcerated at Mound Correctional Facility in Detroit and is not eligible for parole until February 2012. He is a suspect in the open homicide investigation of Mary Denise Lands, but has not yet been charged in Mary’s case.

We express our deepest gratitude to the Michigan Attorney General and all the dedicated professionals who are working as a team to close Mary's case. It is ironic that in two more days, on May 7th, Cliff & Anita will be celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary. Lets all work together to assure that this will be the last wedding anniversary they must endure not knowing the fate of their daughter, Mary.
Someone out there can provide that final piece of the puzzle for law enforcement authorities to close this case. You know who you are! You know the telephone numbers to call.
Help us bring Mary home.

Jim Carlin


Chad said...

I am very happy for Cliff, Anita, Mike and family.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever give up Cliff & Anita. You will all have justice in the end and your daughter will be brought home.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary mr and mrs marshall. have many more year happy.

Anonymous said...

wow Anita looking at your picture all I can say is that you are still a beautiful lady and imagine you having kids that old is amazing Happy Anniversary to you and Cliff and Happy Mothers Day to you Anita I remember a time in my life you were like my mom love you always Mona

Anonymous said...

Drew Peterson arrested in 3rd wife’s death
Indictment alleges ex-police officer caused spouse 'to inhale fluid' in 2004
Former police officer Drew Peterson is arrested on Thursday for the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio near his home in Bolingbrook, Illinois. He is being held on $20 million bond.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Chris Pratt is next with another in that dirty bunch.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Anita I hope you have a great day.
And I also hope everything went well for you and Cliff in Lansing.
Don't give up Mary will come home.
Love, Sue B

Justinian Investigative Services said...

The latest on his automatic appeal process to the Michigan Court of Appeals for his convictions related to the violent assault on Norrene Parker.
He was convicted in Calhoun County in December 2007 and now incarcerated at the Mound in Detroit.

Updated on 5/10/2009
Case Call
June 2009 Session
Panel 3 at Lansing
Karen M Fort Hood, PJ, and Mark J Cavanagh and Kirsten Frank Kelly, JJ.
Tuesday, June 02, 2009 at 10:00 AM
Lansing Courtroom, Hall of Justice, 925 W. Ottawa, Second Floor, Lansing

PL-AE JENNIFER KAY CLARK Oral Argument Preserved

You may read more about the Michigan Court of Appeals;


Happy Mother's Day, Anita Marshall & Norrene Parker.
Just a matter of weeks before we learn that Inmate Pratt will have lost his appeal and will be back to pondering his fate at Mound Correctional Facility in Detroit.

Next step, keep those registration letters going to MDOC so that when any parole hearing is scheduled the Parole Board will be able to hear from all of you. We hope to have 1,000 letters of oppostion to Inmate Pratt's parole sent to Lansing by 2012.

If you are interested, write or go online;


State of Michigan
Crime Victim Services
PO Box 30003
Lansing, Michigan 48909

Re: Christopher Luke Pratt, Inmate # 673261.

Tel- 517.373.0287

Chad said...

Happy Mothers Day Anita.

Anonymous said...

It will be a good thing for the Marshall family and Jim Carlin if the AG's office and the local law enforcement team can finally bring this case to a close.

I heard about Jim Carlin from a friend in connection with another case recently. He got involved in mid-April on behalf of a man who had been sitting in Kent County jail since late December waiting trial on multiple felony charges incluiding home invasion and criminal sexual conduct. Carlin got involved in mid-April, and in 2 1/2 weeks of intensive investigation in 3 counties, brought enough evidence to the defense that the Kent Prosecutor dismissed all charges before the June trial date. The man was released from jail last week. He and his family are probably pretty happy about Carlin's involvement, and just wish it had happened sooner.

There is also a video on YouTube about another of case of Carlin's in Detroit. The Highers brothers have been in prison for murder for 20 years. Carlin has been working on it for over a year, and it looks as though a new trial may be coming up for them.

Anonymous said...

wow! that all I have to say! people are great in this town! I love how people are so quick to judge someone! many people in marshall only look at one side of the story.well that way the city of marshall is.. i'm shame to be even a sociated with this town.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that some of you should be ashamed of yourselves, speaking about Chris`s son or any other minors.They should not even be mentioned here. I blame their mother for the problems her job is to protect not expose. if she would take her bi-polar medication maybe she would get along with her children. As for Sue hamm/harrington she is good at playing the vitim. Mary would be pissed off that sue has anything to do with her at all. Mary could not satnd sue. Due to all the trouble she caused in Chirs and her realationship. Anita would know that is the truth.

TrackMissing said...

We want to thank Cliff and Anita for attending the missing person benefit/awareness event at the Albion Eagles on Saturday. Having you present and talking to those who attended made a big impact on people and really helped bring awareness to Mary and the big picture involving missing persons.

Saturday was alot of fun for those who could not attend. Apx. $2500.00 was raised to aid TrackMissing in the fight to find missing persons. Thank you to everyone who came out to support this cause and meet Cliff, Anita and Ida Richardson's son Danny who came up from Nashville, TN.

Chad said...

Karren Kraemer will be on blogtalk radio tonight. She will be talking about several missing persons, including Mary. Feel free to call into the show.


9 - 10 EST.

Anonymous said...

I only going to say this once. sue harrington is crazy and what makes you think that she did'nt do it. sue hated mary alot. Sue not mrs. perfect. she two faced and she puts on a good show!she so off that she don't know if she taken her bio poler meds. time will come and she will be in jail! I promise!

Justinian Investigative Services said...

We don’t have a problem with people wishing to express a theory and even some members of the Pratt family who feel their relative could never have been involved in such a horrific crime.
We are however, tired of the same Pratt hillbilly mafia kinfolk who go on and on with garbage and trash talk. You are so uninformed and intellectually dim that it is no surprise that some Pratt’s turn out as they do.
One perfect example is your own, now Inmate Christopher Luke Pratt who although listed as an Albion High School graduate he can’t put three words together on a piece of paper. That is not just my observation. It is that of demoted former sergeant, now Officer Rebecca Ivey. She had to write his statement in a police report after he reported a home invasion and larceny to the apartment he vacated, and for which there was an eviction notice issued. Officer Ivey attempted to charge the Marshall's, the Waldon Pond Leasing Manager and myself with home invasion and theft based on the complaint of Chris Pratt. Cliff & Anita Marshall were brought to the Marshall PD and asked to waive their rights under Miranda. She asked for a warrant request to the prosecutor, however it was denied.

First of all, get your facts together. Anyone who really knows Inmate Pratt’s ex-wife would be aware that her name is spelled “Su” not Sue. Also if you knew anything about this case other than trash talk would know that on the weekend of March 12, 2004 it was the perfect climate for someone with a twisted, warped and dubious mind to plan a disappearance and murder.
Cliff & Anita Marshall had left 5 days earlier for California. Mary’s brother and daughter-in-law were with them, Su Harrington, her husband, Steve, and her two boys were six hundred miles away at a sports tournament.
It would have been the perfect storm of opportunity for Mary Denise Lands to be murdered on the 12th and 44 hours later for Inmate Pratt to call Mary’s parent’s in California asking if Mary was with them? As they say with any crime, Inmate Pratt had the motive, the means and the opportunity.

The Pratt family can support your prodigal relative, but do it with facts not trash talk. Ironically, it is some of you who today could solve this case and bring Mary home.
You would be wise to do it on your own before the police come knocking on your door. Inmate Pratt doesn’t have the brains to have pulled this off alone. He needed help. That is something law enforcement will soon prove in a court of law and rest assured he will be charged.

Anonymous said...

Right on Jim. Too bad those with knowledge still beleive noone will be arrested and charged in Marys case. We know that is not true and charges will be filed and convictions handed down.

Anonymous said...

Trash talk Jim! you do enough of that for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Jim you lack profesionalism. Hillbilly mofia? com on, if that were true Chris would not be in jail. as for sue spelling her name (su) look at her year book.

Anonymous said...

what a pig farmer. get a life. you pratts are so f'd up.

Anonymous said...

jim you need to get your lies right. I mean your a great lier! when you say something make sure it matches up because very thing that comes out of your mouth is different and farther from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Marshalls should be use to dealing with all the drug addicts and alcoholics in the family includind themselves!!! maybe mary is missing because of what she did to fullfill her addictions!!!! maybe you were too busy belly up to the bar to care about mary. everyone knows what happened between mary and cliff!!!!!!!!!!!