Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remembering Mary once again, "We will never give up"

The Riverside Pub in Marshall hosted an event tonight to talk about the disappearance and murder of Mary Denise Lands. The owner permitted two videos to be displayed to those in attendance. They included the YouTube video, "Mary Don't you Weep", and the slide show picture presentation of Mary's life that was initially shown to the public at the Gary Fields event over the Valentine's Day weekend. Anita Marshall narrated the slide video.
We had the pleasure of having the attendance of Marshall Police Chief Jim Schwartz at the event. Although it was his day off, he was present in full uniform to show his support. The chief talked with the people about his ideas on Mary's case and the need for citizens to come forward with any information they may have concerning the case. He emphasized from a crime scene perspective that he is going back to the first day of Mary's disappearance, and reviewing all evidence and tips. He is committed to solving the case and demonstrating the integrity of his agency.
Forms were distributed to those who may wish to go on record with the Michigan Department of Corrections, Parole Board, in opposing any parole for Christopher Luke Pratt. He is listed as a suspect in the homicide investigation of Mary Lands. To date, we have about 300 persons who have submitted letters to the Parole Board opposing any parole for Inmate Pratt. We hope to have over 1,000 letters opposing his release when he is eligible for a hearing in front of the Board. Inmate Pratt must remain in prison as he is a menace to society. He has demonstrated that he is violent, and has no regard for human life.You may find the form here on the right under "Links to Mary", or on the MDOC website under Victim Services.,1607,7-119-1384-5494--,00.html
Please note that your letters and identity are confidential and the inmate does not know your name regardless if you are in opposition or approval to parole.

The Marshall family would like to express their deepest appreciation to Chief Schwartz for his attendance, the management of the Riverside Pub, and Brent Cole of Cole Entertainment.
On Monday, April 12, 2010 the same program will be held at 7:00 P.M. at the Riverside, 405 W. Pearl Street in Marshall. Cliff & Anita will be present. The two videos will again be shown for the public.
Come on out and say hello to the family, and help bring Mary home.

Inmate Christopher Luke Pratt #673261, MDOC OTIS


Anonymous said...

Keep it up, you will win justice on Mary. I was at Riverside and listened to the new chief. He's going to get it done and bring Mary home for Anita and Cliff.
God Bless Chief Schwartz

Anonymous said...

I believe that the new marshall police chief and detective scott mcdonald will get it done.But the main person that deserves the most credit to this point for all his hard work and many,many hours of searching is jim carlin... mike v