Thursday, September 2, 2010

Christopher Luke Pratt, Inmate #673261 may soon be released from prison

"A violent evil preditor offender may soon be returning to a community near you"

In January 2008, Inmate Christopher Luke Pratt was sentenced by a Calhoun County Circuit Court, after a jury trial, for convictions of Unlawful Imprisonment, Assault with Dangerous Weapon (Felonious Assault), Interfering w/Electronic Communications Causing Injury/Death, and Domestic Violence, which incarcerated this criminal in the custody of Michigan Department of Corrections for 4-15 years in prison. His earliest possible release date as noted on MDOC OTIS is February 24, 2012.

It now appears that this offender may be released much earlier because he is classified by MDOC as a Level II inmate with a very low risk for violence. Freedom of Information Act materials ascertained that he has only received one "ticket" during a stay at a previous facility and there is no valid reason why the MDOC Parole Board would deny his parole. Anyone who is aware of the sociopathic characteristics of violent individuals know how they utilize manipulation and deception to attain their goals. Those characteristics permitted Inmate Pratt to engage in violence and inappropriate behavior with an ex-wife, Mary Denise Lands, and the more recent girl-friend who testified against him in 2007. Two out of three of these individuals are alive today because they escaped the grasp of this evil deviant. Mary Denise Lands did not survive and although Inmate Pratt is a suspect in her open homicide investigation there is a good chance he will soon be free.

Try telling victims or the members of their families that they are safe and Inmate Pratt has been rehabilitated. He has now been in custody since June 24, 2007 and further honing his skills of manipulation. He fully knows what the parole board wants to hear. I'm sure that as he now portrays himself as having found God, and one who reads and writes letters containing the word of the Holy Scripture he will be tossing his Bible out the car window as he drives over the Mackinac Bridge and away from the Chippewa Correctional Facility in Michigan's UP.

I was at the prison yesterday in an attempt to talk with Inmate Pratt. When correctional officers asked him if he wanted to come out of his dormitory setting to speak with me, he replied, Jim Carlin? "I've never heard the name before and I don't want to talk to somebody I don't know."

As most of you do know, we have been distributing the MDOC Crime Victim Notification Request Form. We are hoping to have 1,000 people sign up as "concerned citizens" who can express their opinions to oppose parole for Inmate Pratt. We initially believed that most of these forms could be submitted in late 2011 so they would be in the hands of the Parole Board for his first hearing. Because of the possibility of a much earlier parole board date we need to have these forms submitted to the Parole Board as soon as possible. A link to this form may be found to the right on this page.

Something must be done to keep Inmate Christopher Luke Pratt in prison until he is charged in Mary's disappearance and murder or until the expiration of his current sentence in June 2022. Anything less is unacceptable to the victims and their families, and to the legacy of Mary Denise Lands. Her body is somewhere in an unmarked and unknown location, but her spirit is yearning for a proper Christian burial that may permit her family to have some type of closure in this horrible tragedy.

Today, Mary Denise Lands has been missing for 6 years, 5 months, and 7 days. Inmate Pratt has only been incarcerated for 3 years, 1 month, and 25 days. Maybe if he is kept in prison until 2022 he may have read more of the Holy Scripture that will convince him to admit his crimes, express true remorse, and tell the investigators where Mary may be found. However, sociopathic behavior developed over his miserable and unhappy life will probably never allow him to do so. He will be a sick, twisted, and evil individual till the day he dies, and he will be a recidivist in the criminal justice system.

We need your help now, more than ever. Please help Cliff & Anita Marshall in any way possible to assure them that Inmate Pratt will not be released. Call the Victim Advocates Office for the State of Michigan in Lansing; Toll Free; 877.866.5401, and submit the notification form. You do not have to be a direct victim to respond. Any concerned citizen can complete the form and your opinion will be included in the record of the Parole Board. The inmate does not know the identity of anyone who expresses their opinions so your anonymity is protected.

As we have done in past, we are including the contact information for law enforcement if you wish to contact them and/or provide a tip on Mary's case.
Please remember, "Together, we can bring Mary home".

Chief Jim Schwartz, Marshall Police Department- 269.781.2596
D/Lt. Scott McDonald, Marshall Police Department- 269.781.2596
D/Sgt Mike Salmen, Michigan State Police, Battle Creek Post- 269.968.6115,
D/Sgt. Mike Scott, Michigan State Police, White Pigeon Post- 269-483-7612
Calhoun County Prosecutor's Office- 269.969.6980
Office of the Michigan Attorney General- 517.241.6565

Jim Carlin-269.753.1181


Anonymous said...

What a joke. The Governor thinks releasing these perverts and killers will save money and reduce prison staff. You can bet your ass if Mary's last name was Granholm, Pratt would have been convicted already and serving life with no chance of parole. I plan to contact the Attorney General, the prosecutors and anyone else who can help the Marshalls.
Pratt should never ever be paroled.

Anonymous said...

just got off the phone with crime victim coordinator about Pratt. Great people.

Anonymous said...

Does jeff pratt still live in squaw creek???

Anonymous said...

why is it any of your god damn business, where he lives!

Anonymous said...

they are going to let this guy free?? write the board and say no way.

Anonymous said...

because we dont want him in OUR neighborhood.....

Anonymous said...

Its my personnel opinion that mary is probably somewhere in marshall township and that is the reason jeff lives there,so he can watch over the area.

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Thank you for the information. We are keeping an open mind on various scenarios.
I've always believed that Mary is within 10 miles of the Circle Fountain in Marshall. Close enough for those involved in her disappearance and murder to keep close tabs.
This is the arrogance of those who would kill another human being.

Anonymous said...

Who set these two up in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Chris deserve to be in prison especially if there not going to change and still be idiots. Mess with girls in wrong ways and guess what you got to pay. There both sick and nasty until they decide to live a new life and change, which I don't ever see happening since everyone is feeding into their bs and babying them espcecially their family. Open your eyes people and Pratt family. No one was set up. Come on really if you belive that you are an idiot too and need to open your eyes and think of him as not being family. Then you might just see how nasty and messed up these two really are. You people need to start sticking up for whats right and stop trying to think of bull s*** excuses about how their innocent. WTF has this world come to. We got people sticking up for murderes and rapers wow. Open your eyes and look at what happend to these girls.