Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mary Lands Missing- "Now on Face Book"

A special thank you to Jamie Jones, and his wife who have been long time friends and supporters of the family who recently published a Face Book page on behalf of Mary Denise Lands. Numerous law enforcement agencies across the country now utilize Face Book as a resource for tips and to identity perpetrators in their communities. Fugitive and warrant squad investigators post information on people they are seeking and positive results have been achieved from this network. Hundreds of criminals have been taken off the streets as a result of Face Book pages. Do your part in helping keep your community safe.

In addition to this site, please stop and view Mary Lands Missing of Face Book;

This is yet another method to promote public awareness for Mary's case and to bring to justice the person/s responsible for her disappearance and murder.


Sara Huizenga said...

A link within a Google alert that I have for "missing persons" brought me here ... I live in Michigan and two years ago started an online network for families of missing persons and organizations called Peace4 the Missing -

I'm also a graduate of NamUs Academy as Michigans victim advocate ... NamUs is our governments national missing persons database.

Peace4 may be a great source for you to join as no one knows what you are going through more than other families of missing persons who too have been forced to endure this ... you are more than welcome to join.

So many thoughts and prayers being sent your way ... xoxoxoxo

Jamie Jones said...

Hi Sara its Jamie My wife Marsha and i have you as friends on facebook,Thank you for your Comment..