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Pratt asks for another parole after losing decision in October 2011

June 18, 2012-
Inmate Pratt again has asked the Michigan Department of Corrections for a parole. This violent felon must remain in prison until the expiration of his sentence in 2022 or until he is brought to Battle Creek and charged in the case of Mary Denise Lands. Just as we did last year, we asked the public to help and nearly 100 letters were sent to the Parole Board of MDOC requesting that Inmate Pratt not be paroled. We continue to receive threatening communications from the Pratt posse, however we will not stop until this violent individual is brought to justice. If you really want to help Inmate Pratt, call law enforcement and let them know where Mary is buried. All the family wishes to do is give their daughter a proper burial.  

Today was a great day in our quest for "Justice for Mary" as we learned that Inmate Christopher Luke Pratt will not be given parole at his first eligibility date in February 2012. It is our hope that he will continue to be incarcerated until his scheduled discharge date of June 2022 or until he is charged in a Calhoun County Court in the disappearance and murder of Mary Denise Lands

October 5, 2011- There has still been no decision released by the MDOC Parole Board on the request by Inmate Pratt to be released at his first eligibility date in February 2012. As soon as we learn of a ruling, it will be published.

September 14, 2011- Last week the MDOC Parole Board, for the first time since this felon went to prison, heard a request by Inmate Christopher Luke Pratt that he be granted parole. His earliest eligibility release date is February 2012. The decision of the full Board is expected within two weeks and we will keep you advised. In January 2008 Calhoun County Judge Stephen Miller sentenced this vicious perpetrator to 5-15 years in prison for the violent crimes against a more recent girl-friend. Inmate Pratt has now been incarcerated for 4 years and 3 months. Mary Denise Lands has now been missing for 7 years and 6 months.

June 24, 2011- It was 4 years ago today that this evil vicious perpetrator was taken into custody for the violent attack on his former girl-friend. She like Mary, thought this Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde sociopath would be a good husband, and father to their children. How wrong they were in that position. Inmate Pratt has been in custody now for 4 full years. Let's keep the psycho in custody for another 18, or until he tells the police where Mary may be recovered? 
June 22, 2010- Today, all the individuals and victims who are on the MDOC notification list for Inmate Pratt's transfers, change in level of incarceration, and/or parole hearings received official letters from Victim Services that his parole hearing has been scheduled. The recipients and/or the public have 30 days to respond. Please be sure to send a letter back to them if you wish to oppose parole. Your letters remain confidential and the inmate does not have access to them. Decisions are usually made by the Parole Board approximately one month after the hearing. Let's hope that we can have a happier holiday season knowing that the "Creeper" will not be paroled.

We have just received word that Christoper Luke Pratt- Inmate #673261 is scheduled for a Parole Board hearing during the week of September 5-9, 2011. His earliest release date is  February 12, 2012. This individual must not be released and returned to society as so many people are fearful of this sociopathic predator. It is our hope that he will remain in prison until the expiration of his sentence in June 2022 and/or he is charged for the disappearance and murder of Mary Denise Lands.
We urge you to complete the form link for MDOC noted on the right and send it to Lansing. The Parole Board does examine these forms and letters from concerned citizens in the community. This person is a severe danger to society and must never be released from prison. Do your part to keep the "Creeper" in prison.
Today, Mary has been missing for 7 years, 3 months, and 14 days. Inmate Pratt has only served 4 years of his 15 year sentence. On June 24, 2011, it will be the 4th anniversary of his violent assault on Noreene Parker. For her sake, his ex-wife, and those of his many  victims, including Mary Denise Lands, he must continue to be held in custody. Parole is unacceptable for this type of criminal. He can never be rehabilitated. He may be able to con prison officials at Central Michigan Correctional Facility, however even from prison he writes about returning home and picking up his guns, because they are such an important party of his life. Yes, Inmate Pratt, guns and violence are all you care about in life.
Read the letter from Ms. Parker to Judge Miller at the sentencing of Chris Pratt in January 2008. It may be found below by scrolling down, and it is also noted on the next post. It gives you a profound view of the mind of this sociopathic dysfunctional predator. We hope that the Michigan Department of Corrections and the Parole Board will also examine this letter.
Do you want someone like this returning to your community? He is a conniving, manipulative, dangerous, evil and violent  predator who will injure other innocent victims.
January 1, 2008
Re: Sentencing of Christopher Luke Pratt
Dear Honorable Judge Miller:

We see it every day on the news, "women battered, women killed, and women missing"….Looking back on June 24th, 2007 I realize I was one of the few women that walked away from the enraged hands of a controlling individual, such as Christopher Pratt. It’s true, loving Christopher Pratt does hurt; it hurts a lot and it is a hurt that does not go away once the relationship is through. People tell me how lucky I was to get away and how proud they are of me standing up and facing him. Although I did walk away physically that day I do not know if I will ever escape him mentally; myself and my children included. The humiliation of what I have gone through during this trial has been an embarrassment I will never forget, nor will my friends, family and co-workers.
Christopher’s doing caused me to move out of the home we shared, moving myself and my children three times in six months before we finally settled. I have incurred medical bills, as well as counseling costs as well. In addition my employer hired extra guards to make sure I came and went from their facility in a safe manner while his bond was active.
He has destroyed my trust, my solitude of feeling "safe" as well as my children’s sense of safety. "If he comes home will he find us?" is a common question from the mouth of my nine year-old son. My nightmares of Christopher and that day wake me in the night, as does the little one standing beside my bed. "Can I sleep with you…are you sure Chris is still in jail?" His shadow will forever lurk in our minds.
Christopher recently made a comment from his jail cell, which entailed, "Make sure she doesn’t make it to the witness stand or I am fucked". What exactly was his evil intent behind this? Although he is locked up now, I am constantly looking over my shoulder and seldom go out at night, especially if no one is with me. I am fearful of anyone I don’t know that approaches me..fearful it’s someone that is doing Chris’ dirty work for him. Christopher is a man of trophies, of possessions, and I, in his eyes, am his forever. He has made the comment, "If I can’t have you, No one will"….and to my father, "If your daughter leaves me I will hunt her down and get her back". This behavior is not normal and for the most part, unsettling. His intents and his so-called empty threats…are too real for me..real because I know he is fully capable of fulfilling each and every threat he made to me…capable because he is one that cares not what he does, but that in his eyes, he wins at doing it.
Christopher is, in my opinion, a narcissistic evil and one of the world’s best liars. But the problem for him and a blessing for us is, he forgets what he has lied about and walks into his own net eventually. Although Christopher will tell you he is never wrong, all his problems are caused by other individuals. Christopher is fully aware of his own evil. He has told me in a fit of tears on more than one occasion that he has done things to make himself sick, that I should not be with him, however he added, "I am too selfish to let you go". Christopher also noted to a letter to his son,…"It’s because of Norrene I am here, if she hadn’t provoked me I wouldn’t have lost my temper, however Son, the good thing is that God has a place for men like me and its called prison." He knows he is a danger to me.
Christopher promised me a long and happy life with him, stating we will be sitting in our rocking chairs side by side one day…if that was the case, why was he throwing chairs at me? Simple in my mind today, he was trying to make sure I never left him…even if he had to attempt to break my ankles doing so, he would never allow me to leave him.
Your Honor, I am asking you to consider maximum sentencing possible. Letting him go on anything less, will most certainly bring dread to my family and our community. Even if he is let out with a "no contact condition", I can guarantee within an hour of his release, he will be at my doorstep. He has no authority for the guidelines for which you set, as he proved by attempting to contact me within minutes of being released from your courtroom the same day you issued a "no contact" guideline between him and me. Christopher taunts authority and does not like to be told what to do, more so, he resents the word "No".
Christopher harms children, women and animals without considering the repercussions of his actions. Do you think they forget as easily as you do? Well, they don’t. Christopher I never will and I know my children will not forget the wake you have left behind in our lives. Christopher is a man that will not learn his lesson with a slap on the hands, he is someone who has the potential to harm others for the sake of his own well-being. He is habitual. I honestly believe Christopher is lacking a human conscience, and because of this I pray for him. I pray that he finds it in himself to consider every evil thing he has done and come clean with it. Christopher can’t take back the tears he placed in my sons eyes the day he put us through this, nor can he take away the emptiness he placed in their hearts with the betrayal he brought out after promising to be so good to them and to their Mom. In my eyes, no sentencing handed to him is justifiable enough, but I know God will sentence him one day and when that day comes…God have mercy on your soul Christopher Pratt.
Again, Your Honor, please consider the maximum sentencing that is reasonable and prudent to this manner, and do so with the thought of myself and children in mind, of every soul he has waltzed upon without hesitation to their lives, their feelings, their well being. Anything less will result in a profound nightmare.
Norrene Parker


Anonymous said...

I just went by the pratt residence on E michigan ave,I was suprised to see that someone has spent alot of time cleaning up behind the house on the NW corner of the property where the camper use to set.

Anonymous said...

llaustin said...

Does anyone understand the last comment...I sure don't...

Justinian Investigative Services said...

We've been dealing with this person for months, with her diatribes of hate, slander, accusations and finger-pointing. For whatever reason many of the crude remarks were directed at me. We are all are concerned on why this individual would do this, however it might be that she suffers from some significant issues related to drugs, alcohol, and emotional problems. Most of the trash I have been able to remove, but she must have a very sad life if all she can do is sit up at night and spew this venom. This type of language and conduct is unacceptable, and I know that it is being investigated by the appropriate officials. An anonymous signature does not remove the responsibility of the writer's content. One day it will all catch up with them.
Although the Internet expands the ability for people to communicate it also documents the instability of those who take advantage of this media. I guess we can only hope these people go on to something else.
For now, our efforts here are to bring to justice the person/s responsible for the disappearance and murder of Mary Denise Lands.
Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

why wasnt there search warrents for pratts family hmes? why wasnt people watching them? like the one person stated they went by the pratts house and alot of cleanup was being done where a camper used to set. i dont know, but, if this guy gets out of prison. ill be worrying every day my daighter walks in this world hoping she never comes across him. or ever has to be his victom. if they let him out. frankly there nuts.

Anonymous said...

someone needs to make this a cold case prority......................

Justinian Investigative Services said...

CMR, give it a break, your trash isn't even being posted. Can't you figure that out? Get a life, you are a disgrace, and this continues to get old!

Anonymous said...

Actually I know they did make Mary's case a priority. I'm sure if you tried to contact MPD and were unsuccessful before try to call again, I believe you will get better results. If it means something to you and you just can't quit thinking about it, please don't hesitate to call again..Chris is a very dangerous man. You could be saving another life.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about Mary today. I owned a tanning salon in Marshall where Mary use to come and tan. She was such a nice gal. She sometimes came in with sunglasses on and when she took them off had blackened eyes. (she was then living with Chris Pratt) I just never could understand if he was doing this to her what she possibly did to him. She was such a calm mannered person and quiet spoken. May she rest in peace and Lord whoever is responsible for her death/disappearence ...assumed death ..I know that person will not escape his punishment because one day he will stand in front of our maker and there will be no more lies... blessing and peace to Marys family.

Anonymous said...

who is cmr?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yourantamy letters was sent. I pray for the family every day. Rot in hell Pratt

Anonymous said...

i have been reading all of this bullshit, and everyone thinks they know chris, well get it threw your fucking heads none of you know him. you only believe what you hear assholes say, which is 99.99% not fucking true.. i wish people in this world wouldn't be so self centered, people need to get there own lifes and stay out of chris's. i love him and i can not wait for him to get out because he means the world to me and always will, because i know the truth.. HE DIDNT KILL MARY... it doesnt matter how big he is, there is no fucking way he would have it in him to hurt ANYONE... even if he does smoke weed, tell me on god damn person who doesnt or hasnt tried it..? you all suck ass a need to get a life... chris should have gotten out last year, he needs to come home and be with his kids because they need each other. ya i dislike some pratts, but thats because i have a fucking reason too, none of you stupid ass people do so why are you acting like you do? this is why the world is coming to a end, not because of the fucking 2012 shit, its because theres asshole out there in the world that make peoples lifes a living hell. CHRIS LUKE PRATT IS MY HERO, and i cant wait to give him the worlds biggest hug. because he didnt do shit and he deserves to be here with his family.... and that whole pratt callers visitors list, whoever wrote it, i have one thing to say "YOUR PATHETIC, GROW UP AND GET A LIFE" YOU CANT EVEN SPELL PEOPLES NAMES RIGHT... I LOVE YOU CHRIS, ILL BE SEEING YOU SOON<3 DONT WORRY:)

aka Boo said...

Judging by the previous comment, I would say Chrissipoo has been doing some serious sucker strokin' while he's been laying up on his rack.

Yeah, he's a real sweetheart. I'm sure the two of you will be happy together. Thanks for the useless comments. I really dug that comment about "spelling" given your awesome display of literacy. Make sure you keep those money orders rolling in. Wouldn't want the woman beater to miss his next rip.

Anonymous said...

"you only believe what you hear assholes say, which is 99.99% not fucking true"

I know, all these silly people who believe ridiculous sources like the jury who found his woman beating ass guilty. Or the Judge who locked his sorry ass up and gave him a nice long "tail" on his sentence. Yep, all liars.

You might be deluded into believing what he writes you from his rack while he's sucker strokin' out his "poor me" letters to you. No one else does. He's a coward, a woman beater and most likely a murderer. Go crawl back into your hole.

I can't say I'm impressed with the intellectual level of his supporters after reading that psychotic rant.