Thursday, January 2, 2014

Disappearance of Teleka Patrick, Kalamazoo, Michigan December 5, 2013

WWMT-Channel3 News Feature- January 3, 2014
Detroit Free Press News Feature- January 4, 2014
Inside Edition- January 5, 2013
Cliff & Anita Marshall occasionally permit Mary's web site to focus on various missing women in Michigan. We recently learned of the strange case of Teleka Patrick who disappeared from Kalamazoo, Michigan on December 5, 2013. Recently I was contacted by the family who were seeking assistance in locating their daughter, and after meeting the parent's today, I agreed to help. Justinian Investigative Service will be focused on determining the whereabouts of Teleka so that she may be returned home. There has been much speculation and with widespread stories about what may have caused Teleka to disappear? Please keep an open mind with the actual fact that a lovely intelligent woman is missing. We ask that individuals with credible information please contact myself, or Detective Bill Sparrow of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department- 269.383.8748.
Jim Carlin
Justinian Investigative Services
Battle Creek, Michigan
Tel- 269.753.1181
Cell- 269.274.6334

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stacey said...

good luck! hope she is found soon.