Wednesday, September 6, 2006

"Annual Night-Out Against Crime" Protest Walk for Mary a huge Success

Update, September 6, 2006-
The “Annual Night-Out Against Crime” protest walk for Mary was a great success. The family, friends and supporters of Mary Denise Lands again carried signs in front of the Marshall Police Department and the Brooks Fountain Circle. The activities conducted by the police department were not crowded and most of the traffic on the Fountain were from the members of the police and fire department, and others in law enforcement. The children who did attend appeared to have a great time. The low turnout was probably attributable to the fact that the event had to be rescheduled from the original date in August. When the event was concluded the last person to leave the Fountain was Chief Mike Olson who rode off on the Marshall Police Department's new Harley-Davidson motorcycle that he drove to the event earlier in the evening. We will soon post photographs of the event and participants.
Once again, members of the community stopped and spoke with Cliff & Anita Marshall and offered their support about Mary’s disappearance. As on other protest walks, people honked their horns and waved as they drove around the Fountain Circle.The family continues to ask that the Marshall Police Department turn over the investigation of their daughter’s disappearance and murder to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
The family and friends will continue protest walks during the Historic Home Tour, the Scarecrow Festival and other events in Marshall to promote public awareness for Mary’s case.


Anonymous said...

my question is for officer were so gung ho at the beginning of the mary lands case.when you were involved in the search warrant at chris and mary's apartment on arms were seen video taping the seemed like you ment business to solve this case, i as one felt you would follow thru and solve the mystery of mary's location and who caused her disapearance,but for whatever reasons you and the marshall police have just seemed to have stopped this investigation.there is obvious bad blood between mary's family and the marshall police department,but we need to put this aside and do the right seems to me that we all need to work together and solve this case.lets come together and get it done!!!!!!!

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Although the family and I have been critical about the mishandling of Mary's case by the Marshall Police Department I don't think there is "bad blood".
Sgt. McDonald is not a detective. and according to Chief Olson is being assisted by Det. Mike Scott of the Michigan State Police Post in White Pigeon, and D/Sgt. Mike Salmen of the Battle Creek MSP Post.
The complaints that we have are related to the fact that not enough time is being spent to solve the case. We have provided hundreds of documents, videos, and the bomber jacket that Mary wore on the night she disappeared. This was recovered at a flea market as it was being sold with her other personal items.
MPD made numerous mistakes in the initial stages of this case. We feel that only an agency like the Federal Bureau of Investigation has the ability and resources to solve these crimes. The Marshall Police Department should turn over the case to that agency.
In the interim, we will continue to ask, When will we have justice for Mary?