Sunday, December 28, 2008

Were did everybody go? Marshall Chronicle Editorial

Many have talked to the family about this outstanding article. It has to be the best editorial ever published by any editor at the Marshall Chronicle. No management muzzle on this writer's opinion.
Great job Mr. Hendler!

Editor's Corner,
by John Hendler,
Marshall Chronicle,

December 20, 2008

Where did everybody go?
So, now City Manager Chris Olson is on the clock. Six months and 10 days (or maybe sooner) before he moves on and hopefully we'll have a new Police Chief in place by then or people might start to wonder who's running the city and keeping us safe.



People think that already.
Oh, sorry. Don't get me wrong; I like Mr. Olson and have enjoyed the opportunities when we've had the chance to talk and I know that he has been interviewing candidates for the position. It just seems as of late, however, too many people have left Marshall or are about to leave. It's been almost a year since Mike Olson left his position as Public Safety Director, leaving quietly into the night, never to be heard from again. like he was in the witness protection program, Actually, I ran in to Mr. Olson (Mike) at a U of M football game in August. When I turned and saw him, he gave me a look like I was in the witness protection program. We exchanged pleasantries and after watching a play, I turned to say something to him and he was gone like a phantom. So, we need a Police Chief, a City Manager and a new Superintendent for Marshall Public Schools (MPS). Oh, and also an Assistant Superintendent and a new Director of Finance and a new Director of Operations, Not to mention the 100 or so students who've left MPS in the past year. Instead of the pineapple as a symbol of Marshall, maybe the new symbol should be a U-Haul or a change of address card, It does seem like everyone is leaving. This is how it must have felt on "Happy Days" (if it weren't a fictitious television show, of course) when Fonzie. Ritchie and Ralph Malph were gone and we were reduced to watching a shell of a show with Potsie, Jenny Piccolo and that Ted McGinley character. Hopefully, 2009 will mean an influx of new blood. For one thing, we'll at least have new gamblers coming to town as the new casino is set to open next door, Hey, you've got to start somewhere. There'll be new blood on the Marshall City Council with Nick Metzger. Kathy Miller and Ryan Traver and of course, the new city manager. And over at MPS, we should have a new superintendent by the spring and that person will have a say in who becomes assistant superintendent. And maybe, just maybe, people will start to come back to Marshall and sit a spell and take their shoes off.
Hopefully, jobs will become available and those student enrollment numbers will start to increase. We've got to have faith and believe that Marshall can be what it used to be.Unlike "Happy Days" we can have Fonzie and Richie back.
You've just got to believe.
Y'all come back now, you hear?


Anonymous said...

Has state police ok'ed reward yet from Carrington Found?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As a person who is from marshall and seriously interested in the "shall we say" antics of the local police and now appears Local govt. I can only take heart and trust that the AG office will come in and clean house. Starting with the police "and we know who we all want to go first - TJ -" Second is our trustworthy police chief for his lies to us and officer ivey for their respective parts in this ongoing soap opera we call marshall. I'll say this for all the good people of marshall, GOOD RIDDANCE to long time bad rubbish.
Thank You for listening to my comments

Anonymous said...

More and more we hear about negative things that MPD and City Gov. have done. It has gone beyond the point of resaonable doubt, there is no doubt that something is rotten in Marshall and it brings us all hope that so many people are finally coming out about it. Thank you all for sharing your stories and keep them coming. together, we can change the future of Marshall for the better and take back our City from corruption as usual.

Anonymous said...

On Dec 8 a Pratt claimed Chris won his appeal and would be home in 2 weeks, its now 15 days and no Chris, so I will chalk another one up to more lies from that particular family. Todays poll is: who lies more....
A) Pratts
C) City Gov.
D) There all about equal
E) None of the above, this is all a big conspiracy against A,B, & C

Anonymous said...

I wonder who will be the first of these fine police officers to quit next
a. lying tj bryant
b. lying sgt mcdonald
c. lying officer ivey

and to run away before the Attorney Generals office comes in and charges them for various crimes against the people of marshall and their part of the total lies told to our fine township. I wait for the good news