Thursday, July 23, 2009

Latest FOIA request on Christopher Luke Pratt, Inmate # 673261

The latest Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on Christopher Luke Pratt, Inmate # 673261 from the Michigan Department of Corrections is now available for viewing. He is presently incarcerated as a Level IV prisoner at Thumb Correctional Facility in Gratiot County, St. Louis, Michigan. The FOIA materials are viewable on the "Links to Mary" to the right and are in PDF format. It is a 29 MB file and may take a few minutes to download but can be read.

As we have mentioned in the past, Inmate Pratt is eligible for release in February 2012 on his 5-15 year felony convictions and could be scheduled for a parole hearing in late 2011. It is never to early for any citizen to contact MDOC and ask to be notified on transfers and parole hearings for Inmate Pratt. Anyone has the opportunity to write to the Parole Board and express your opinion in this matter. He needs to remain in jail.
In June, the Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed his convictions in a Calhoun County Circuit Court. This inmate is a vicious and violent sociopathic criminal and a severe threat to society and his previous victims. He deserves to remain in prison until the expiration of his sentence in 2022. He is a suspect in the open homicide investigation of his former fiancee, Mary Denise Lands.

MDOC OTIS Record on Inmate Christopher Luke Pratt


Anonymous said...

pratt callers visitors list,
Jeff Pratt
Clyde Pratt
Lou Ivanski
Phil Harris
Sue Heither
Jeff Heither
Candace Genari

and he learns horticulture?? What's up with that?? He used to sell pot now he can grow it??LOL

Anonymous said...

wheres,,,,,, Ado

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating - he can be rehabilitated fronm his carrer of domestic violence by learning how to grow plants? Maybe to alter terrain, confuse searches for victims? And pesticides - those are always handy, depending on what/who you think is a pest. And toxic plants that can poison the unsuspicious? And this is our tax dollars at work? Makes me feel good. mm

Anonymous said...

wonder why his buddy TJ dont visit. must be keeping lowe profile

Anonymous said...

It sure seems like he's doing better in the joint than he was outside. Maybe he should just stay there permanently?

Anonymous said...

wont be long before the dirtbag kid luke will share ole mans cell.
birds of a feather bunkie together.
put all the pratts in jail. got away to long with crime. or kid will talk about where Mary is to make a deal.

Anonymous said...

While shopping in downtown Marshall yesterday I spoke with a shop owner about Mary Lands, and am quite perplexed and disturbed.
I would like you to explain to me how this officer Tim Bryant can morph from someone who was very possibly complicit in the cover up, if not the actual disappearance, to someone who is an organizer of the latest biker bash & his wife gets to be the publicist? Talk about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear ....

Anonymous said...

chris pratt is da coolest motherfucker i kno and i chill wit his son all da time sooo fuck u cocksuckers chris didn't kill ne body

Justinian Investigative Services said...

It never ceases to amaze me on how obvious it is that this Hillbilly Mafia is so intellectually challenged and plain stupid. Not only does the previous comment document this fact but then he leaves me rambling voice mails filled with threats. Are we all supposed to be quivering? Are you not aware that with the software and technology available today “blocking” your call on caller ID is not going to stop me from knowing your name and number?
You’ve got to take it easy and stop being so hostile. Take some of those drugs you sell, have a brew and chill out. Things will all be much better when the person/s responsible for the murder of Mary Denise Lands is held accountable. It will happen soon and then we all will go away.
If you ever really want to talk some time just stop over. You know where I live.
By the way, why don't you try improving the tradition in your family, and go back to school.
Have a nice day and keep those calls coming if it makes you feel better.

TrackMissing said...

Here is an idea, instead of trying to convince everyone Chris did not kill Mary spend your time helping find Mary and prove Chris did not kill her. Let your property be searched by cadaver dogs and show nothing happened on any of your lands or that Mary is not buried there. Actions and refusals to help and cooperate makes everyone think Chris did it. Actions reinforce theories and the actions of some reinforces what everyone thinks. Sit down and think about it for a minute and apply common sense. Help on the 26th and send us signed authorization to search your land. Here is your chance to to stop the talk and walk the walk, prove nothing is being hidden.

As for yesterdays search, multiple locations were checked using 2 cadaver dogs teams. We were able to confirm the scent we were following last time was not Mary. We will be working to put together 1 more cadaver dog search of some addional areas prior to the large volunteer search on September 26, 2009 starting at 8:00 AM.

The volunteer search form is now avaliable on the website and we ask anyone who wishes to help to please submit a form. If you are unable to attend and wish to donate items needed for the search or funds to help cover the cost of the search you may also do so on our website or by contacting Cliff and Anita.

We would like to thank K-9 One Search and Rescue for helping yesterday.

Dont forget the ride for Mary on Saturday and we hope to see everyone there. We are all looking forward to hearing 13 year old Tiffani from Marshall sing publicly for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Ive been reading these posts every day and i didnt know there was another ride for Mary can I have this info to post on Marys Myspace.. Thank you Theresa

Anonymous said...

I tried to send My info for the search to and its not working, is it just my computer or is there a problem??

Chad said...

You should be able to email or go to
We are also on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

The basic info on the ride for Mary is:

Location: Marshall Moose

Bike/car registration starts at 8 AM ($20.00 per bike/car). They leave at 10 AM and will be back around 5 PM. A pig roast and music starting when the bikes return.

All proceeds will go to the Mary Lands Trust Fund.

Anonymous said...

u really have to be kidding? so what i hear you saying....Jim is, if we Pratts just cooperate you will stop all of your unprofessional conduct? Is this really coming from a professional person ! I honestly thought you have to have proof before you go on TV,internet and the paper before you start saying that Chris went from a person of interest to a suspect. you even go as far as saying he is guilty of murder. Unfortunately people believe what is printed in the media as being the truth. When you find out that Chris did not do it, what are you going to do about all the harm you have caused him,his chiuldren and the family. Iam sorry. opps i made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

so let me get this right. Chris didn't really almost kill Norreen Parker? All that was made up? The Michgian court shot down his appeals and that was a set-up too?
It is on record Marshall Police chief has stated in public that Pratt is a SUSPECT in Mary's murder, all that made up?
Get a life you bunch of Albion hillbillys.
Get your own kin to come clean. Pratt's kid knows, his mother knows, Jeff Pratt knows, Adam knows and thats why he is hiding out west.
What are you all going to say when this sick killer is charged, oops (and its oops, not opps) we made a mistake.
Your family sure did!!!bringing a piece of crap like Chris Pratt into the world. He should have been flushed down the outhouse.
Come out Saturday and help support Mary if you care?

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Lets not get back into complaints and arguments on Mary's site.
TrackMissing has their own website and you may contact Chad directly.
I'm sure he will provide applications or any other information you need. Just call him.
Chad Scott

Anonymous said...

by the way why didnt mary have custody of her kids? was it because of marys child abuse she went through or her aqlcohol and meth abuse? little miss innocent didnt have it so good with daddy did she? why hasnt the police checked out mommy and especially daddy dearest?

Anonymous said...

whats the matter pratt boys? or should i say pratt lames? cant get a woman without threatening,beating,controlling or rapeing them? are the whole bunch of lames this sorry? but of course!!! and havent some of them commited molestation...and been charged with it? i heard chris pratts dad raped a real young girl years grandfathers,fathers,sons and offspring of all of them...just sick and sexual deviants...facts!!! instead of head dr`s..or prisons how about mental institutions...castration or a good old ice pick threw the nose to the brain...whats that called? :):):) stop this next generation of the pratts from becomming what theyve lived.

Anonymous said...

to justinian investigative services, you sound like a mature adult! way to sound real smart. plus you don't know #&@*! all your jobs intails is making rumors and speading rumors! and to all that talk about chris boys, what is wrong with u! omg has this town lost frickin sense. oh that right this town is fill with bull$%@# and all way will be!

Anonymous said...

The above remark is just another Pratt misfit spouting how wrong the system is pointing a finger at Chris. You should really get back in school.
Are the charges against poor Jeff also a framejob?

Today news 3 said it all-
Karma... for the Pratts

MARSHALL, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A teen in Calhoun County will stand trial in a sexual assault case out of Marshall.
16-year-old Jeffrey Pratt has learned that he will stand trial as an adult.
Police say that Pratt raped and beat a girl in October of 2009 at her home in Marshall Township, and then left her to die.
Pratt was arrested about ten days after the assault.
A trial date has not been set.

Anonymous said...

yeah dish it out on me, I don't care. bring it, its a bunch of bulls@$! say what u want or anything! I'm in school and i have a education thank you very much! you can bring on anything or everything, it not like i haven't heard the crazy crap people say. people have to understand that mister jim carlin has a very counterproductive work ethic, and to go with it not forgetting his pompous nature. For most, my favorite is his socialistic "views" that grippled out of this repulsive mouth of a man, and "manifest" his fabrications of actuations that manipulate.

looking at code of ethics for a P.I. sense he has no professionalism in his work. lets take a look at code of ethics that he has broken.

TO NOT engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation

really and what else can i dig up

oh and here anothers...

TO NOT knowingly make a false statement of material fact

TO NOT offer evidence that I know to be false, and if I have offered material evidence and come to know of its falsity, I shall take reasonable remedial measures;

I SHALL NOT use methods of obtaining evidence that violate the legal rights of such a person

with this top one you have just read, all the names that are vistors list, is a big Violation because it violates legal rights.

so with all of these codes of ethics broken, the personal conduct agreement and oath of true P.I. this show maladroitness, which you still call yourself a professional! oh yeah by the way! say what you want because the only thing i see is a prententious, pompous, malevolent, and not last but least asinine man!

their is a reason why thier is code of ethics because "professionals" like you, take advange of laws and twists and manipulate them, to get what to you want! which makes you a legel lier! yeah that right a lier!

Anonymous said...

yeah....and some people have more than one master.

Anonymous said...

yeh, yeh, yeh, chris is innocent, jeff is innocent, alex is innocent, all you pratts have been framed by some PI. GIVE ME BREAK!!! this dirtbag will never get out of jail.

March 12, 2010 will mark the 6th year anniversary when we must once again gather in hope of bringing Mary home. It will be 2,190 days since her former fiancé, Christopher Luke Pratt claimed that she walked away from their Waldon Pond apartment on a cold winter snowy night and was never heard from again. 44 hours later he called Mary's parents and asked if she was with them in California? Today, Chris Pratt sits in a Level IV Michigan prison cell convicted of felony domestic violence crimes against a more recent girl-friend. In 2008 he was sentenced to 5-15 years and will not be eligible for parole until February 2012. Prior to any parole hearing, we plan to have citizens send 1,000 letters to the Parole Board of the Michigan Department of Corrections opposing any parole. Chris Pratt is a dangerous criminal and we are asking that he remain in prison until the expiration of his sentence in 2022.
MDOC OTIS link- Inmate Christoper Luke Pratt, #673261-

We welcome you to gather with us at the Brooks Memorial Fountain at the circle in Marshall on Friday, March 12th at 11:00 A.M. As we have done on five previous anniversaries, Cliff & Anita and our good friends and supporters will release balloons in honor of Mary's memory. 45 red heart-shaped balloons will be released to signify the 45 years since Mary was born. 6 blue balloons will be released, one for each year that we have had to hold these vigils on her behalf. It appears that the winter weather will not present a problem, and the forecast is for a clear and sunny 45 degree day.
An introductory prayer will be given by Rev. Robert F. Craegan, Pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Battle Creek. We have asked members of law enforcement, Michigan Attorney General, Calhoun County Prosecutor's Office, representatives of Safe Place Shelter, and others to join us. Mary was a tragic victim of domestic violence and each year we use her anniversary not only to keep her name in the mind of the people in our community, but to remind us all about the crucial issue of domestic violence. Let's make 2010 the year that we can bring Mary home, and be assured that the person/s responsible for her disappearance and murder will be held accountable in a court of law. One person in our community can come forward and provide that final piece of the puzzle in this case. We urge you to do it now! Help us, "Bring Mary Home".

Jessica said...

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Anonymous said...

i have been reading all of this bullshit, and everyone thinks they know chris, well get it threw your fucking heads none of you know him. you only believe what you hear assholes say, which is 99.99% not fucking true.. i wish people in this world wouldn't be so self centered, people need to get there own lifes and stay out of chris's. i love him and i can not wait for him to get out because he means the world to me and always will, because i know the truth.. HE DIDNT KILL MARY... it doesnt matter how big he is, there is no fucking way he would have it in him to hurt ANYONE... even if he does smoke weed, tell me on god damn person who doesnt or hasnt tried it..? you all suck ass a need to get a life... chris should have gotten out last year, he needs to come home and be with his kids because they need each other. ya i dislike some pratts, but thats because i have a fucking reason too, none of you stupid ass people do so why are you acting like you do? this is why the world is coming to a end, not because of the fucking 2012 shit, its because theres asshole out there in the world that make peoples lifes a living hell. CHRIS LUKE PRATT IS MY HERO, and i cant wait to give him the worlds biggest hug. because he didnt do shit and he deserves to be here with his family.... and that whole pratt callers visitors list, whoever wrote it, i have one thing to say "YOUR PATHETIC, GROW UP AND GET A LIFE" YOU CANT EVEN SPELL PEOPLES NAMES RIGHT... I LOVE YOU CHRIS, ILL BE SEEING YOU SOON<3 DONT WORRY:)