Monday, July 13, 2009

Mary Denise Lands, the search in Michigan continues...

It has now been 5 years and 4 months since Mary allegedly walked away from her Waldon Pond Apartment in Marshall, Michigan. Christopher Luke Pratt, Mary’s fiancĂ© at the time has been in prison for over 2 years on a violent assault of a more recent girl-friend, Norrene Parker, and is serving 5-15 years on those felonies. Recently the Michigan Court of Appeals turned down his appeals. He may be eligible for release in February 2012. Although Inmate Pratt is a suspect in Mary’s disappearance and murder he has not yet been charged.

The search for Mary continues and during the week of June 22-26, 2009 Carren Corcoran of Canine Search Solutions in Wisconsin came to Michigan at the request of the TrackMissing Foundation to examine water and land locations in an attempt to locate Mary. Accompanying her was Karen Kraemer of the Broken Wings Network. Carren’s dog is a certified cadaver animal utilized by law enforcement agencies across the country.

Cadaver dogs are trained to alert in various different methods. The alert by Carren’s dog is indicated by the animal sitting down either in a boat or in the water. Alerts were documented during this search and they are being followed up on to ascertain the origins.
YouTube Video- Search for Mary-

Michigan Department of Corrections online record of Inmate Christopher Luke Pratt, #673261. He is now incarcerated at St. Louis Correctional Facility as a Level IV prisoner.

Another You Tube Video- Christopher Luke Pratt- Suspect, Disappearance and Murder of Mary Denise Lands-

Take a good look at this person! Do you want this violent criminal offender released back into our community? Do your part to help find Mary. Take a bite out of crime and call in your tip.
We will keep you posted on progress.


Anonymous said...

So what became of the spot the Dog hit on?has that spot been dug up and checked???

Anonymous said...

The area is being followed through on.

TrackMissing said...

While we can not disclose the exact date at this time we are in need of the following for the search:

Persons willing to obtain food, water, tick spray, financial, ect. donations for the search effort.

Trained and experienced ground search voluntters (firefighters, police, EMS, Military, ect.).

We may identify other resources that are needed as the search command personnel continue to prepare and we will let you know as those needs arise.

Please email if you are interested in helping.

Since those responsible for Mary disapperance continue to refuse to cooperate and return Mary to her family, many search professionals have taken interest in Mary's case and helping find her. We thank them and look forward to working with them to bring Mary home.

We also look forward to having David Lohr, Interactive Producer, from Investigative Discovery present and involved in the search. We worked with Mr. Lohr in New York for the Kellisue Ackernecht search and are currently providing him information on Mary's case.

Mr. Lohr's criminal report daily column can be found at:

TrackMissing said...

I forgot, we will also need hotel rooms for our out of State resources and hope that we will be able to have some rooms donated. If anyone is able to help work on this let us know as well.

Chad TrackMissing said...

If needed a full scale search for Mary will be held on Sept. 26 or Oct. 3rd. Exact date is pending what resources are avaliable on what days. We are trying for the
26th, however, if what we need is not avaliable then it will be on the 3rd.

In order to meet the needs required for the search being planned we wll need a significant number of ground personnel. After talking to one of the search commaders it is beleived that in order to do what is being planned we will need as many as 200 or more volunteers that day.

We are going to have a volunteer search sign up form on our website at or you can contact us at .

We are currently in need of the following for the search and welcome any help in obtaining these items:

+ Water for the searchers
+ Food for the after search meal
+ 15 hotel rooms for out of State Personnel
+ trained and experienced team leaders for ground search teams
+ ATV's to use
+ Possibly horses to use
+ financial donations to help cover costs
+ persons to print out information needed for the day of the search

While there are likly other things needed I am not yet aware of I will post them as they become known. We arenot planning this search on our own, we have formed a team. Tm will be responsible for insure the needed resources are avaliable as well as being involved in virtually every aspect of the preperation and the search.

While it may sound like the search is far off, it really isn't considering the amount of work, preperations and resources that are needed for this to be professional, proper and effective. We are counting on the support of volunteers from the community, business', fire fightes, off duty police officers who want to help, area search personnel who want to be involved and many others.

Thank you for caring about Mary and thank you in advance for helping find Mary. It is time to find her and hold those responsible for her disapperance accountible in a Court of Law.

Anonymous said...

count me in on this search or any others. mike v

TrackMissing said...

The search date will be September 26, 2009 if Mary has not been found by then.

Many people have been very supportive of the search for Mary and we ask you to again help out by spreading the word about the search. We need a great deal of voluntter searchers and support personnel so if you can please let us know how you are able to help on the 26th.

Anonymous said...

Carlin needs his PI License pulled for unethical postings on youtube of people. Now trackmissing is part of Jim's team wow. The Marshalls are desperate for closer and will try anything. In the end Carlin and trackmissing will PROFIT from this case.

Justinian Investigative Services said...

Here is another perfect example of an intellectually challenged dimwit not knowing the facts.

First it’s closure, not “closer”.

Second, you are welcome to file a complaint with anyone if you believe I have been unethical. I would suggest however, you read up on the law and study what the word means.

Lastly, I have no involvement in the activities of the TrackMissing organization, their searches and any of their work in Mary’s case. They were organized for the Marshall family on behalf of Mary Denise Lands as a resource for the public to utilize about missing persons across the country. I have no connection to their name or fundraising endeavors.
It is well known that in over 5 years I have donated in excess of 13,500 pro-bono hours to the family as well as a significant amount of funds to aid in our search efforts.
You do the math;
I’ll never "profit" from the Mary Lands investigation. I would like to ask you a question?
“What have you done, and how have you contributed in the search for Mary?”

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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