Sunday, May 11, 2014

Some thoughts about Teleka

It has now been two weeks since I had the privilege of attending the "Celebration of Life" for Dr. Teleka C. Patrick in Orlando, Florida. It was indeed a moving and profound service, and especially notable because as a Catholic I had never been to a Seventh-day Adventist funeral in the past. However, even including the many veteran funerals I that have attended as a district, and now zone commander of the American Legion, it was an inspiring experience. Although each of the veteran funerals are similar, I always leave with a heavy heart, and each of these services have special meaning. The folding of the American flag by military personnel that is presented to  a family member is the highlight of that greatly honored ceremony. Near the completion of Teleka's service a similar protocol was followed with a cloth drapery that displayed her now famous doctoral picture. It was folded and presented to the Patrick family just as the American flag is presented at a veterans burial.

I had the privilege of speaking to the people in attendance, and those who viewed the ceremony as it was streamed across the globe to friends and family of Dr. Patrick. I was a tad uncomfortable because the others speakers were esteemed university presidents and clergy of the Seventh-day Adventist Conference, however the family was grateful for me to be present, and I was honored to attend, and be considered part of their family.

Many people came up to me and said we cannot give up on our quest to find justice for Teleka. I have assured the family that after listening to her celebration of life, the video presentation, the vehement comments by siblings and  pastors, that we will not give up. Kalamazoo County police officials may consider this case closed, but I will guarantee you all that it is far from closed!

Groups across the country are still asking questions and offering information and support. Just a few days ago I had a lengthy conversation with a lovely lady who went to school with Teleka. I will continue to ask for help, and will examine any piece of information that could have relevance. There is an old saying in police work that I have followed throughout my life; You don't know what to look for until you find it, and you won't find it until you look." I'm in this for the long run for Irene and Matthias Patrick, and we, working as a team, will never give up.

One of the reasons that continues to inspire me is something that was found among Teleka's  journal entries; My image of God is rich. He is a loving, merciful, accepting , and benevolent Father. He loves me so much. That's why he takes care of me every day. He is also a high and exalted God who should be worshipped--just because He is God. She also said; "Thanks God, that I belong to You. J There are lots of words to say and I don't know which ones will make your day--but I'm just a little kid--a little girl--a little squirt--a little tot--in awe of You, Lord. Love Ya! J xoxo

I can tell you all one thing. Something caused Teleka to be distressed on December 5, 2013 and she did not run to kill herself or get off the grid. She was in deep fear and we will find out the true circumstances of what happened that night. To the person/s responsible for this tragedy, "you can run, but you can't hide."

If anyone wishes to contact me about Teleka's case, please feel free to do so.

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