Sunday, June 4, 2006

The Disappearance of Mary Denise Lands, March 12, 2004, Marshall, Michigan

Michigan State Police-Missing Persons Bulletin

We have all been striving for nearly 27 months to bring Mary home and to have the person/s responsible for her disappearance held accountable. We have constantly been misled and lied to by the Marshall, Michigan Police Department concerning Mary's investigation. Barney Fife of Mayberry could have solved this case yet despite all the tips and documentation provided to law enforcement no arrest has been made. If it was the daughter of the chief of police who was missing you can guarantee that the case would have been solved. For months we have been asking, Where is Mary? and When will we have justice for Mary? We now have another question, What is the Marshall Police Department trying to hide and who are they protecting?

In the June 4, 2006 weekly edition of the Marshall Chronicle there is a comment concerning the lack of criminal charges being filed in this case because no body has been recovered. It is well known within the courts and among law enforcement officials that Calhoun County Prosecutor, John Hallacy will never file charges without a body. This is one of the issues that further frustrates the family and friends of Mary Lands. In the article, Mr. Hallacy stated those decisions would be made based on available evidence and that he has prosecuted for murder at least twice in the past without a body.
I have personally researched that issue for over one year and have never been able to locate any prosecutor, defense attorney, court official or record to confirm that statement.
Mr. Hallacy, if your statement is true we would like you to cite the cases in question? Murder convictions without a corpus have been achieved by prosecutors throughout many counties in Michigan and throughout the United States. No record of any such case has been prosecuted here in Calhoun County, and we want to know why?

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