Sunday, June 4, 2006

Update- March 30, 2006- The Memorial Day weekend traditionally signals the start of a great boating season and a summer of fun. However, this weekend was the 3rd Memorial Day that Mary Lands was not present to celebrate this holiday with her family. The investigation by the Marshall Police Department has been a total disgrace from the beginning and nothing seems to improve as we approach the 27th month since Mary disappeared from the home she shared with her boy-friend, Chris Pratt. Mr. Pratt indicated that Mary went for a walk after a minor argument at approximately 10:00 P.M. on the cold winter evening of March 12, 2004 still attired in her medical scrubs uniform with flat shoes. She reportedly took her purse, however left a cell telephone and the keys to her newly purchased Dodge Durango. 44 hours later Mr. Pratt notified her family in California that their daughter was missing.
Two weeks ago the family had to wait 52 hours before the Marshall Police Department notified us that a suspicious bone found on a property we had to dig by ourselves, was not that of a human. Only once in 27 months has any police-officer, investigator, prosecutor, victim advocate or any high ranking member of law enforcement ever visited the home of Mary's parents. This attitude demonstrates a lack of empathy and compassion and it is disrespectful to the family. On Friday, September 26th, the family, friends and supporters of Mary Denise Lands commenced a protest walk in front of the Marshall Police Department and the Brooks Memorial fountain circle over the long holiday weekend. "Clifford Marshall, Mary's Dad, Walking for his daughter"
Supporters carried signs expressing displeasure with the way this case has been handled and we are once again demanding justice for Mary. We also are asking that the Federal Bureau of Investigation be permitted to take over primary jurisdiction of this case from Chief Mike Olson and the Marshall Police Department. They do not have the personnel, resources, initiative or ability to solve this case. It was a very long hot humid 5 days for all of us, but the Marshall family is strong. At the conclusion of the 5 day walk numerous family members, friends and supporters will have volunteered approximately 400 hours of participation. We also have personally observed a gracious public display of support from citizens stopping and wishing the family their best. People were honking their horns, bringing water and food, and welcome words to a family who only wants to obtain justice for their daughter. We will continue all our efforts in search of an answer to our question, "Where is Mary?"
We fully realized that many people were away for this long weekend and enjoying the start of summer. However, the Marshall family has not been able to enjoy any happy holidays in the last two years. We have a job to do and it must be done. We will continue now, and in the future to ask, Where is Mary? and, When will we have justice for Mary?
WWMT-TV- Kalamazoo- 05/30/2006

If you have any information, please feel free to contact the family or myself.

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Dan said...

"One More Mile For Mary"

Well its getting close to July, another day goes by and my search along with countless others continues...I personally have been searching for clues on the disappearance of Mary Lands now for several Months....I myself never had the pleasure of meeting Mary, but for every mile I log in searching and literally combing through woodland areas searching for just one clue...Thats one more Mile for Mary..kind of strange I guess being out in the middle of a woods or a field looking for just one clue, last weekend alone I logged in over 30 miles of searching...Just when I think I can not go on..I think of one thing, Mary, then I think of her family, then I think of the total Injustice from the Marshall Police Department then and only then I go another mile...the chances of myself or another person actually stumbling over a clue is getting slimmer and slimmer...Its time as Supporters For Mary we all come together again...lets all come together for Justice...What would happen if say 10, 20, 50 heck even a hundred people all come together and "Walk" for Mary and her family. The MPD wants to sweep this whole entire case under the why would a police Department want to sweep a investigation that was mishandled from the beginning under the carpet ? Why also would a Police department choose NOT to involve the FBI ? A word, a very simple word keeps coming to mind "Corruption" Its a fact the MPD are not going to do a darn thing in fact even Hinder an investigation so lets "All" come together and get the media attention this case needs, I personally will walk a mile for every day Mary Lands has been missing, what if we had 10, 20, 50 even 100 people walk these same miles from Cities to Cities what newspaper or local news television network wouldnt want to pick up this story ? Now look at it from a larger view point.. A talk show anybody, somebody picks up our story and we are off and running...This will force the Marshall Police Department to either admit there problems or generate enough media attention to actually draw in the federal Bureua of Investigations.
Enough is enough we all have the God given right to walk...lets walk for a cause and there is not a darn thing the MPD can do to stop us...
I ask you one thing...
"Who is with me?
Let us "ALL" Bring Justice to Injustice....
and a special thanks to Jim Carlin

mike said...

hey dan we have both spent are free time hunting for mary-count me in to walk a mile or 10 whatever it takes..ive spent the last 2 years,looking very closely at all the dead in roads in rural calhoun county,all the ponds and creeks i could find.with friends we have looked very closely looked at the k-zoo river from 251/2 mile rd. near albion all the way back to ceresco.we have used my canoe to search the river banks.i personally wil not stop looking until someone finds the same age as mary,and i also knew her in school.since all this has happened ive gotten to meet her family and jim carlin and cant say enough about the three of them.they all are just wonderful people. thank you mike