Sunday, June 11, 2006

Father's Day 2006

just another day searching for Mary.....

Clifford Marshall, Mary's Dad, will not be celebrating this Father's Day with the normal pleasures that most fathers enjoy on this special holiday across the country. On June 18th he will once again have a shovel in his hands and be digging ground on a piece of property in hopes of locating his daughter, a daughter that the family believes has been murdered. Although Mary was a 39 year old adult at the time of her disappearance she will always be Cliff and Anita's "baby." He will be joined by many other fathers, friends and supporters volunteering their time and energy to assist the family on Father's Day in further excavation to find Mary Denise Lands.
The Marshall Police Department have consistently lied and misled the family since March 2004 when Mary allegedly walked away from the apartment she shared with her boy-friend, Chris Pratt. He stated that on Friday, March 12, 2004 at approximately 10:00 P.M. Mary went for a walk on a cold winter evening after a minor argument. 44 hours later Mr. Pratt telephoned the family in California to report that Mary was missing.
One of the signs that was carried in front of the Marshall Police Department during a 5-day protest walk on the Memorial Day Holiday read, "Barney Fife could have solved this case" and that statement says it all. For whatever reason the local police department has not properly investigated this crime? People throughout the community have a mistrust of the department and that lack of confidence has clearly affected the investigation.
We are again asking that the Federal Bureau of Investigation be permitted to take over primary jurisdiction of this case from Chief Mike Olson and the Marshall Police Department. That department has no business conducting an investigation of this this magnitude and importance. They do not have the personnel, resources, initiative or ability to solve this case.
The family needs your help! Do whatever you can to talk about the Mary Lands case. Contact any public official, friend, neighbor, attorney, reporter, or anyone who might be in a position to assist the family in this failure of law enforcement to their job.
This week the Battle Creek Enquirer is going to publish an Open Letter from Clifford Marshall about his daughter's disappearance. For 27 months he has been asking, Where is Mary? and When will we have justice for Mary? In his letter he will now be asking many more questions.
When the article is printed in the Enquirer it will also be published on this forum.

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