Sunday, June 4, 2006

Where is Mary? When will we have justice for Mary?

Mary Denise Lands has now been missing for nearly twenty-seven months. In the first 6 months of her disappearance "Barney Fife of Mayberry" would have conducted a better investigation than that of the Marshall Police Department. Not much has improved. That agency today still continues to stumble and fumble in even basic investigative techniques needed to solve this crime. One question is why after two years have the police failed to make an arrest of the person/s responsible for Mary's disappearance? Other questions are why are they not even interested in trying to solve this case, and what are they trying to hide?

WWMT-TV- Kalamazoo- 05/30/2006
WWMT-TV- Kalamazoo- 05/20/2006
WOOD-TV- Grand Rapids- 05/26/2006
WWMT-TV- Kalamazoo- 05/08/2006
WOOD-TV- Grand Rapids- 05/08/2006
WLNS-TV- Lansing- 05/07/2006
WOOD-TV- Grand Rapids- 05/07/2006
WWMT-TV- Kalamazoo- 05/07/2006
WXMI-TV- Grand Rapids- 05/07/2006

UPDATE- Mary Denise Lands- Join our community team to promote public awareness about the disappearance of Mary Denise Lands. We are giving away white caps that display an image of Mary Lands with the words, Where is Mary? There is no cost for them, however friends and supporters are urged to make a donation to the reward fund. By wearing a cap you will signify your support in helping to solve this mystery and building the reward fund that eventually might provide needed answers for the police and the family. Wear the cap, and each and every day ask the question, to as many people as possible, Where is Mary? Talk to your friends and neighbors about Mary's disappearance, and contact law enforcement authorities if you have any information on the case. Remember, someone can provide a vital piece of the puzzle that will solve this investigation. Something trivial and unrelated to you might be the answer to this mystery. For more information contact Jim Carlin at 269.441.7068 or email Photo-Mary Lands Cap

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